Home Discussion Forum What do i get when i mix Kabbalah and Hermetics and Sufism?

What do i get when i mix Kabbalah and Hermetics and Sufism?

dont they all knock on the same door?


  1. Most likely a headache.
    Hermetics is more Western in nature whilst Kabbalah and Sufism tend to be more informed with Eastern mysticism.
    It’s all just more ritualistic magical silliness, in any case.

  2. You get confusion.
    Although seemingly many “spiritual methods” have similarities, there are fundamental differences.
    Mixing methods does not help, as the person gets confused by the different ideas, approaches and does not benefit from either of them.
    It is everybody’s freedom what one’s heart chooses, but after the choice it is much better to stay with the chosen method so it can actually work.
    It would be the same in our normal life too, for example if an athlete chose a certain coach, it is better to stay with that coach and listen to his/her advice rather than mixing advices from different sources.
    I hope this and the links below can help, all the best.

  3. I would say absolutely, YES.
    Each one of these practices are traditions that try to convey abstract truth through the use of metaphor and imagery that is relevant to each practice’s corresponding culture.
    I can understand the desire to research different practices. Studying vastly different schools of thought that are all essentially preaching the same thing may help you to find a greater depth of understanding. The reason being that you’d be able to see the ways in which each are similar – allowing you to digest the heart of all spiritual thought in your own way. However, exploring mysticism in such a fashion would only lead you to a “surveying” of sorts for each practice. Depth of understanding might require more of a commitment to one or another system of teaching.
    If you’re interested in any of these practices it is best to follow the one that speaks to you personally the most. Go with the one that feels the most “familiar”. Because if you find that you can’t relate to the imagery or metaphors used in the teachings they will do you no good.


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