What Do I expect when I see an Aura?

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I’ve always been connected more to my spiritual side throughout my life. I actually have a psychic gift…
But the point is, that I’ve been practicing, And I’ve tried to see people’s aura’s. When I look at their “third eye” or their brow chakra, my peripheral vision has only been able to see an outline of the person’s head(when i concentrate on the head) in color. They’re not all the same though…However in order to see an aura does it have to be a huge halo around their head in color…..or can the outline also be part of it, and it’s just that I’m barely begining to do this?
Any tips please.
OOPS!!! By Psychic gift I don’t mean the seeing of auras, I know that’s not one at all… I’m Clairvoyant. That’s what I meant, and thats why I feel connected more to my spiritual side. I didn’t mean to day that I thought The seeing of Auras was a gift…….And by HALO i mean the strong light eminated in the aura, there are people who can see it far more clearer than others, So I’m trying to say a larger view of it….not an actual HALO like an Angel’s^^

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ChainLightning ⅜

An aura, according to New Age metaphysics, is a colored outline, or set of contiguous outlines, allegedly emanating from the surface of an object. Auras are not to be confused with the aureoles or halos of saints, which are devices of Christian iconography used to depict the radiance of light associated with divine infusion. In the New Age, even the lowly amoeba has an aura, as does the mosquito and every lump of goat dung. The aura supposedly reflects a supernatural energy field or life force that permeates all things. Human auras allegedly emerge from the chakras. Under ordinary circumstances, auras are only visible to certain people with special psychic power. However, with a little bit of training, or with a special set of Aura Goggles with “pinacyanole bromide” filters (available at your local New Age Head Shop), anyone can see auras. You may also use Kirlian photography to capture auras on film. At least that is what New Age spiritualists believe.
On the other hand, you may also see auras if you have a migraine, a certain form of epilepsy, a visual system disorder or a brain disorder. These auras, however, are somewhat different from the kind encouraged by most aura training exercises. These involve staring at an object placed against a white background in a dimly lit room. What one sees is due to retinal fatigue and other natural perceptual processes, not the unleashing of hidden psychic powers. Something similar happens when you stare at certain colored or black and white patterns. Vision is not the verbatim recording of the outside world. When looking at a colored object, for example, the eye does not transmit to the brain a continuous series of duplicate impressions. The brain itself supplies much of the visual perception. In short, even if auras are perceived, that is not good evidence that there is an energy field in the physical or supernatural world corresponding to the perceptions.
If you see auras, you may not be psychic; you may have a brain or vision disorder. See your physician ASAP.
Edit: Take the time and read the whole link. This has to be one of the easiest things to test. There are devises that can detect energy far beyond the range of human eyesight.
For every other object of color we have scientific devices which can measure any energy emitted from the object, as well as the wavelengths of light reflected from the object. Even though equipment exists capable of measuring extremely minute energy levels, no one has ever detected an aura or the alleged energy that gives rise to an aura using scientific equipment. Human tissue is about a million times less sensitive than something like a PET scanner, yet we are supposed to believe that some special people can “see” what cannot otherwise be detected. Or, we are supposed to believe that we all have the power to see auras but somehow we have repressed or never trained our psychic selves to unleash the power within..


i’ve heard that you should stare for a while at a place about a foot above someone’s head, ideally when they are against a light background. the aura could appear just as a faint “outline” around their bodies, near their head, or could just arise as an intuitive “sensing”, rather than seeing, of color(s).
you should practice on yourself though, doing the above in front of a mirror.
but dont get frustrated if nothing comes to you! that just means that your psychic gifts lie elsewhere, and not where your thinking mind wants them to be. if you are just open yourself up in every moment i bet you will find the universe has more awesome gifts for you than you dream of =)
And to the previous answer: this is clearly a very “scientifically minded” person so i would take when he says as just that: advice from a person who probably doesn’t even consider life after death, the spirit world etc. Hint: “retinal fatigue” could just be the scientific term for what i would say is opening up different parts of your eye and brain to see different “types” of colors. Good luck!


For me it’s just an outline. If you are really great an experienced maybe you will see more of it, if you just began then you’ll see an outline or so.

Jazz Curo

It is pretty hard for those that prefer logic and reason. Not by bigoted stereotyping pf people, which astrology must do.
I’m not saying that miracles never happen, but I’ve never seen one and neither has anyone else that I know. Wouldn’t you know if you say lights emanating from a person? Then I would say that it is either a miracle or you need to see an eye doctor.
You will only get opinions here from various persons, not answers.


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