Home Discussion Forum What do Hindus offer to The Buddha deity while making offerings?

What do Hindus offer to The Buddha deity while making offerings?

I am studying Hinduism, and have the intention of joining the religion, if you’re curious why I’m asking such a question!


  1. Woah, where to start:
    1) Hinduism has no connection to Buddhism.
    2) Buddha is not a deity. Most Buddhists are atheists. There’s a bit of a conflict there if he were a deity.
    3) Buddhism is less of a religion and more of a philosophy or manner of living.

  2. Buddhism parted from Hinduism 2,500 years ago. So Hindus do not give offerings to them. They may support them because they do not have the interrelation conflict we have in the west.
    There is also another reason why Hindus would not offer to The Buddha deity. There is no Buddhist deity. It is an agnostic religion. The historic Buddha said that god or not – it makes no difference to morality. Good is for goodness sake.

  3. Anything, but flowers/ fruit/ money are common (as with other dieties).
    Also most of the people who posted above are idiots (and prob not Hindu). Buddha is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu in the Das Avatara/ Ten Avatars. Buddha is just another minor diety in the large Hindu pantheon. Buddism is also another offshot of Hinduism, like Sikhism and Jainism.

  4. Actually, Buddha denounced Hinduism. He was Hindu but gave it up and created his own religion after finding enlightenment.
    In fact Buddhsim rejects several teachings of Hinduism
    such as the caste system that is prevalent in Hindu.
    Despite what some here would have to believe there is a distinction between Hinduism and Buddhism and some of the earlier posters are more accurate in their descriptions.

  5. >There are many commonalities between Sanathana Dharmam(a.k.a.Hinduism) and sri.Gautham Buddha’s teachings which crystalised to Buddhism in later years.Among the Shat(6) Dharasanas,both agree on 4-Nyaayam,Vaiseshikam,Saankyam,Yoga(m)–Buddhists do NOT agree on Meemaamsam(rituals) and Vedhaantham(Brahmam)=a Supreme Universal Being.–so Buddhism was dubbed as “Atheism”=Naasthikam
    >Gauthama Buddha was NOT considered as an Avathaaram (in srimath Bhagavatham of sri.Vyaasa) -till 15-16 th Century A.D.–till the arrival of Europeans in Indian scene–only sri.Jaya Deva first time includes him as an Avathaaram of Vishnu in his “Ashtapathi”–many orthodox hindus do not accept this.
    >Buddhism had State patronage under 2 Emperors(Asoka and Harsha Vardhana) during the rule of both Emperors Buddhism was spread all over Indian sub-continent-India,Pakistan,Bangala Desh,Myanmar,Afganistan–only Kashmir(Save Leh,Ladhak) Varanasi(Benares) and Gaya cities,and a small land in deep South India did not accept Buddhism.Acharya SANKARA single handedly, by his brilliant arguments with Buddhists scholars drove away completely Buddhism from Indian sub-continent and a large number of Buddhists became his disciples.-like Todaka Acharya..
    >but Hindus go to Buddha Viharam and offer flowers and fruits
    P.S.:- Buddhists do not agree Meemaamsam is missing in the main post.


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