Home Discussion Forum What do girls think about weird guys?

What do girls think about weird guys?

What do girls think about weird guys?
Can you be charming if you’re talking about weird topics like maybe the supernatural, shamanism, ancient cultures or whatever, or something else completely out there and mysterious. Do you find these points of discussion as a big turn-off or do you think ‘well this guy is interesting!’ even if it sounds a bit weird in a party setting? Can a guy get away with it?


  1. I like weird guys….. No I am not talking about the one you see wearing the STAR WARS get ups… Just a lil different for the rest…..

  2. There might be some girls there think that he is okay. So how weird is the guy depends on the girl who is listening. They either like him or ignore him.

  3. I have THREE answers for you.
    #1: No.
    #2: NO.
    Women aren’t like men; they DO NOT like unusual things.
    Women are MEGA-CONFORMISTS. If a subject is in
    the least bit unusual, or controversial, they won’t want to
    hear about it. And if a guy isn’t Mr. All-American Super-Normal Football Stud, they WON’T want to
    touch him with a ten-foot pole. So stay cool, or get used
    to lots of cold showers. Your choice, my friend…

  4. I like weirdness….other people like it too. I think the trick is to try and not be so over the top weird when you first meet the person you’re trying to impress…it might scare her off.

  5. I think every man has a commercial charm and specialized charm and I think you are the specialized one. Because even you could be charming for mastery these topics, but its a little bit of weird for commercial and party settings.
    I mean, take her to open places and make sure she is listening closely, maybe she can fascinated by you when you hit her on the right note.
    Good luck!

  6. i like weird guys,they are much cooler if you ask me 🙂 different is so much awsome than the “perfect” boy blaah thats boring

  7. I am one of those stupid in a good way guys who and i describe my appearance ugly but 3 or 2 or 1 girl(1) admire my looks and probably my personality by sitting on my chair and poking my armpits and other parts and another made me hold books and she used me to help her get up.


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