Home Discussion Forum what do dreams mean?are they really tricks of the subconscious mind?

what do dreams mean?are they really tricks of the subconscious mind?


  1. More like your subconscious mind is free associating, or blowing off steam. A lot of what you dream is simply random images and events.

  2. In a sense, they are. The pineal gland releases neurotransmitters (one of them melatonin) that induce hallucinogenic symptoms during sleep. They cause the psychedelic experience of what is called ”vivid dreaming” or ”lucid dreaming”. The specific course of action of the dream may offer insights and indicators of the conflicts between the Id and Superego. Dreams are otherwise random firings of the CNS and have no intrinsic meaning.

  3. Dreams come as guides from Divine Intelligence to either warn us or give us a view or confirmation of what is to come. I have had many dreams which have actually materialized play by play. Before I had my son, after having 5 girls, a co-worker of mine dreamed I was having a son and by the way, she never really believed in dreams either. I also dreamed that a male technician would be conducting my ultrasound. All my other pregnancies were female technicians. And yes, on the day of the ultrasound it was a male. I also dreamed him telling me that the baby was a boy.
    So dreams do have profound meaning and when you pay attention to them they can prepare you for what’s to come. Sometimes they may not seem to make sense at the time but when the time comes for the dream to materialize it becomes clear. At times you may have a dream and think it’s about you when it’s actually about a friend or a neighbour.

  4. Not so much tricks as just messing around. One theory is that the subconscious mind at night is like a kid left to himself when his parents are out.
    Some think that maybe dreaming evolved when some animals would have parts of their imaginative brain stay half-awake while they slept, and all their worries would be played out. So when the worried- about stuff happened the animal had already played the situation out in their dream and survived because of their “experience”.


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