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What do Christians think about Zen Meditation?


  1. It’s safe to generalize that most Christians view Zen meditation, and all other forms of Buddhism, as forbidden under Christ’s teachings.
    However, not all Christians have this view, especially about Zen meditation. For example, quite a few Catholic priests and nuns practice Zen meditation and some of these have become recognized as Zen masters. They are able to function as Zen masters, without violating their Catholic vows. These links will take you to information on two of these people:
    There are many similarities between the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha – in fact, there are more similarities than differences. If you’d like to explore these, you might read the book, “Living Buddha, Living Christ” by Thich Nhat Hanh – a very sensitive and spacious look at both teachers.
    Best wishes on your path!

  2. Zen meditation, or any other form of meditation, should not be viewed as a challenge to religion. Only insecure Christians would see it thus!


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