What do Christians think about astrology?

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Just wondering.

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It’s nonsense.

Gorgeoustx Go Spurs Go!

The dumb ones fear it.

Ideo plastic

I would laugh at any Christian dismissing it as pseudo-science without irony, though I certainly don’t believe in astrology myself.


I know that my horoscopes are always wrong.


My christian mom thinks it’s evil, lol.


They are supposed to keep away from such as this because it is in the category of witchcraft and the occult practices. You let yourself in for being ruled by demons. Good luck.

Bob N

I know several scorpios, and they’re all alike. It’s weird. Same body type, same personality.
I think there is something to astrology, but it’s related to the earth’s movement around the sun, not about any stars. Furthermore, it’s NOT absolute. I’m an aries, and I got along really well with an aquarius, so astrology isn’t always true.


It’s interesting. Sometimes its wrong, but once in a while it is right on. Even parts of the personality type for my sign is close to me (although some are way off). I think it’s kind of fun, although I don’t really do much more than look my sign personality type and look at my horoscope occasionally in the paper. I don’t really believe in it.


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