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What do Christians say about Shamanism?

That is the age old belief of ancient peoples using Shamans . Is it different or the same as being a witchdoctor? Does it use Godly, angelic powers or Satanic,demonic powers ?
I was reading about some Shamans from Manchuria in China. How this Shaman was initiated into becoming a Shaman by being possessed by 50 spirits. It was the spirits who told him to become a Shaman and gave him advice on how to heal. It was the spirits who helped him cure people of diseases and gave insights into people’s problems. And the spirits demanded animal sacrifices like dead fish, antelope ,horses e.t.c. What do you make of this as Christians ? Are those spirits good or evil , or somewhere in between ?
wheresMyJetpack : I am not sure if your assessment is accurate. The book you mention “The beautiful side of evil ” mentions the power of demons and Satan. And the power to perform false miracles (with negtive consequences) using Satanic powers. However, we are talking about a society in China who has probably no exposure to Jesus or Christianity or the Bible. And on top of that, how would a good ,loving God communicate with such primitive minded people. Also ,it is admitted that Shamans may (though not sure ) have the power to harm as well as heal. Are Shamans servants of God ??
To Orion U : You said quote “Some spirits he called tricksters will take things and hide them from you, they are harmless unless you mock them. That kind of thing happens to me all the time. I live with it.” .
You know what I have experienced something like that myself. And I know from real life experience that these “tricksters” as you call them are so much more than that. They can be malicious, as in “demon” . Jesus Christ is Lord .


  1. Can’t speak for Christians … but as an ex-Pentacostal I know that Pentacostals are the shamans of Christianity….

  2. I knew a Shaman in Korea several years back. She was a relly nice woman but I didn’t put much stock in what she had to say. It reminded me of the pre-Islamic belief in Jinns that carried over into Islam.

  3. I read a book about some Chinese clan I can’t remember the name of, anyway they were very superstitious and the shamans just indulged their superstitions and gave them “cures” that really didn’t help them. So I would have to say demon inspired.

  4. Of course its demonic. You should read “The Beautiful Side of Evil” its about a shaman who became possessed, its a true story of course.

  5. I’m somewhat of a Christian but consider myself more of a spiritual person. It wasn’t until I became this way that I found God. I believe there are spirits and that how we treat each other is how they’ll treat us.
    A native American friend of mine talked to a shaman some years ago. They had never met, yet this shaman told him of many things that were going on in his life that he could have no possible way of knowing. It was all over the phone which made it even more weird. It wasn’t like he could read my friends body language or whatever some psychics do. The shaman told him that a “door” had been opened at my house and that spirits are using it. He later called me and told me the same thing. I remember opening the door but I didn’t close it. Some spirits he called tricksters will take things and hide them from you, they are harmless unless you mock them. That kind of thing happens to me all the time. I live with it. One of these days I should call him to ask if I should close the door.
    So far nothing terrible has happened to me, and God has even spoken to me so I have to believe that things will be alright. Plus when my dad died he “visited” me and told me that everything would be OK. So I’ve had a lot of “experience” with the spirit world. Do I have all the answers? No, and I really don’t want them. I can say with 100% certainty that death is not the end though. Sorry if this is a little long, actually it’s a condensed version there’s way more. Some things I just can’t say.
    God Bless.

  6. I know a native shaman who became Christian – but who is still a shaman.
    She believes her abilities are gifts of the Creator, whom she calls “Dad.”
    She does healing and other things, but refuses payment, as the power comes from God, and she is just the conduit.
    She says that becoming Christian meant something like going from watching a movie in black and white, to watching in colour. Knowing Jesus added the colour to her already close relationship with God.
    She is currently perusing a Master’s degree in Theology, and she has also helped some of her own people become Christian. But, she is still a shaman!
    This will freak some people out completely. I was there for her baptism, and I am sure the priest that did it would shudder in horror if she found out this person was (and is) a shaman. It really depends on your belief system, and point of view. She finds the two belief systems co-exist quite naturally, as all stems from the Father anyway. Others would certainly disagree.
    I have to say though, she is one of the most spiritual people I have ever met.

  7. The spiritual world is of light (good) or of darkness (evil) if you don’t give God his due credit for healing and claim the deed is from the spirit world by way of “you” a shaman preist then you are not of the God of light and life but are from his competitor the prince of darkness, whom being a liar and the father of it will go out to the ends of the earth to deceive many and their hearts will grow cold because they did not receive the love of the truth that JESUS CHRIST is Lord and savior, and healed ,and heals countless deserving beleivers without so much as a single drop of blood hitting the ground. Jesus defeated death when he arose from the dead, and paid the ransom for our sins, yet some whom don’t beleive find themselves turning to death again for healing, remember evil begets evil and if you kill an animal to heal someone you are not of God!!.


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