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What do auras look like to you?

As a child, I’ve always seen everything as if it were outlined but my parents put it down to either funny eyesight or everybody saw this from time to time so I ignored it until about last year when someone told me about auras. After some deep guided meditation sessions, I was able to see auras around people. But what I see is nothing like the “aura photographs”. Its more of a silver/grey outline rather than clouds of colour. I have to really strain to see colour too and when I do, its faint and pastley.
Although I did see a programe that disproved that aura photographs are real.
I was just wondering if you see auras, do you see the cloud of colour or just mear outlines?
to stygianwolfe:
Yes, I get that at churches too. I myself am an athiest but anytime I’m anywhere religious the brightest auras I ever see eminate from the person giving the service. I don’t even have to try here. I Its always a yellowy-gold. Religious people will assume that this colour represents holy divineness. I think its just the person’s inward joy and creative experience as they share whichever faith they believe in (this don’t just happen to Christians)
to Gary Y:
Thanks for the copy and paste answer 🙂 I have read all this myself and I can happily say I am in fine medical condition. I’ll admit I did get headaches for a while so I went to my doctor who sent me to my optician. One of my eyes were strained simply from using the computer in poor light. My eyesight has much improved but I see the auras excactly the way I did when I was a child, before I had a computer to ruin my eyes 😉
I find that I cannot see auras if I’m at all tired, I need to be well rested and happy


  1. This right here, is not what an aura looks like:
    I don’t know what those cameras do, but I don’t think they look like that.
    I see it more of an outline as well, sometimes if I watch an aura I can see a very very feint “cloud of colour”, but nothing like the pictures.
    Basically, I think we see the same thing, an outline, which is probably a more accurate representation of an aura.
    Try not to strain to see colour though….If you are having trouble…When you are looking at them, relax your eyes, concentrate on your breathing, use peripherals and relax your muscles.
    Don’t think “I’m trying to see colour in the aura”, more…don’t think at all and it will just come.

  2. Ok You’ll probably think I’m weird.I’m not a religious nut zealot,but at church,when I see people up on the pulpit,I see a glow of white around certain people up there.Its about an inch wide around their heads.Ive seen this in more than one church(in two different cities) Ive gone to,and I don’t see it on everyone up there,just certain people.
    I don’t know if its an aura,or if the color of the wall behind the people is causing my vision to see this.(kinda of like when you see blue letters on a red background,your eyes cant focus on both colors at the same time with certain hues).
    That is what I see.

  3. Auras in the sense of a metaphysical phenomena have never been shown to be true. They are not something that science accept as even plausible, except as a disorder or retinal fatigue.
    “you may see auras if you have a migraine, a certain form of epilepsy, a visual system disorder or a brain disorder. These auras, however, are somewhat different from the kind encouraged by most aura training exercises…. What one sees is due to retinal fatigue and other natural perceptual processes, not the unleashing of hidden psychic powers.”
    I think you should probably see a doctor about this, and stop trying to encourage it.

  4. Gary is right, I get migraines and they will affect vision very much. Even before I ever had a migraine, just having a headache could bring on vision changes. I strongly advise you to see a doctor if you are having any kind of vision distortions. It really could be something much more serious than you think. Rule a medical condition out first before you jump to paranormal, for your own benefit.

  5. I only see outlines like you do occasionally, I’ve only seen a bit of colour once or twice. Kirlian photography translates what it takes in into what is printed in the picture, it’s not exactly like what we see with our three eyes. Yesterday I asked my daughter if she could see colours around my head and two of the colours she mentioned were two of the colours that came up in my aura photograph 7 or 8 years ago – purple and white. Clairyoyants and young children can see them better than us.
    Yeah, relax the I to make the pupil die late. The book ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ by James Redfield tells you how to see auras. Also the book ‘The boy who saw true’ is the diary of an Elizabethan child who could see people’s colours.

  6. Unfortunately, there are very few really good books that explain auras. However, in a brief overview, most people who see auras only ever manage to see a white glow that is very close to the human body. This glow can sometimes seem silvery or pale yellow. Seeing colors in auras takes alot of practice. And not everyone can accomplish this. There are layers of aura, sometimes called the etheric body, that project outward from the physical body. Some metaphysicians claim that the aura can be contracted or expanded. You would feel this in yourself if someone is standing close to you and you do not want them in your space, you might feel a sense of contracting inward that might even express itself in muscle tension in your body. Many spiritualists do manipulate their auras, expanding them outward to pick up psychic energy, or contracting them inward to sort of close down. The different layers of auras change in color, and many people who see, or read, auras claim that they can determine a person’s mood, personality, or even state of health. The second layer that is next to the closest layer to the body is the next layer most commonly seen, and is the one most commonly associated with colors. But this takes practice, and it may not come immediately. The key is to relax your eyes, zone out, and look past the person, just an inch or a few inches off target. When your eyes lose focus, the color pops out at you. There is a phenomen where you can see an outline if you stare at something too long, or even if you look away, you might see the whole image in a different color. This only takes a matter of seconds. But it is different than aura viewing. This is learned in college, and you are usually asked to stare at the American Flag for a number of seconds and then look at a white wall and you can see the colors on the wall. These colors will be different, not red, white and blue. This is a phenomenon that occurrs anytime you stare at something for a number of seconds. With aura viewing, you stare past the person, with unfocused eyes. I hope this has been helpful. To discuss more on auras and chakras, check out the brand new online spiritual community at http://www.thezenfrog.com

  7. I don’t know if anyone is still interested in this topic since it’s December now. Anyways, I saw my first aura about 3 or 4 months ago. It was my best friend’s cat. Shocked the hell out out me. I was playing with the aura while petting the cat. I was so shocked I just came clean with everyone in the room. I was like “I’m sorry but I can see your cat’s aura and I’ve never seen an aura before”. Now I’m starting to see more auras around my husband mostly. However, I’ve still never seen anything like what I saw around that cat. I’m also noticing that I’ve always felt auras. For instance, in a crowded room I am completely aware of the emotions of everyone in the room at all times. I control my own aura with my feelings. Love makes it expand and fear makes it shrink. I always expand it when someone needs healing. I was “giving love vibes” to everyone in the room at dinner the other night (just because I could and it’s really fun) and caught a man staring at me. I think he knew what I was doing. I wonder how many people see auras. I’m almost positive my doctor sees them too.

  8. to Jinkies:
    I feel them also! mostly I just feel the colors more so than see them, and when i try to see the colors it comes of as a kind of cloud outlining their body. I havent heard of other people that can feel them as well!! this is exciting. Cats are the easiest of animals for me to read, but i guess that depends on the person. I give love vibes to everyone as often as possible! as soon as i started love-vibing, more people talked to me, even people who had no idea what i was doing.


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