• people that speak of auras are typically full of it.
    Some people can see auras ..its soo rare
    Being psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant
    doesnt enable you to automatically detect auras

  • I honestly have no idea what aura has to do with empathy, I know it’s all interconnected somehow, but I can tell you that whenever someone bumps mine, like in the grocery store for example, I feel as if they’ve stepped too close, that they’re in my personal space. could be we take in the emotional energy through our aura first, that this is our first feel of it.

  • Nothing at all, I’m afraid. A psychic can or will say anything to the client that they think the client will buy into (either figuratively or literally).

    It’s good to be able to put yourself in the position of other people and their problems and understand their feelings. This is something that most healthy people do and it’s called being empathetic. You’re just a normal person.

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