what do astral projection and meditation have to do with each other?

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how do these two topis relate? how can one influence another? i seek to use meditation as a means to facilitate astral projection. would you tell me how to accomplish this?

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Meditation can sometimes cause Astral Projection although I don’t think the two are related
One meditates for clarity and enlightenment…An out of body experience is just something that happens by itself

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Astral projection is when you sit on the toilet and,,,um….meditation is when you take medicine to get better ? And they are related because many people get great thoughts when sitting on the toilet …..hey….I’m new here….when do I get points ?


I noticed most of your questions have to do with things I know about so here is another answer for you.
Astral projection comes from spiritualism, the belief in sort of a spirit body or a “double” of the physical body. Spiritualists believed this astral body could be separated from the physical body, and when it did so was composed of a spirit and mind and body. (3 things)
Actually, true exteriorization is the spirit itself leaving the rest behind and being completely free, able to do things without a body.
Meditation is an attempt to do the latter. The original Buddha apparently was able to accomplish this but it took him many lifetimes until he realized there had to be a better way to improve mankind so everyone can do what he did.
Unfortunately today, true Buddhism is altered and we are in worse shape as humans so it is difficult to do without learning again what we forgot.
Some people take drugs to achieve temporary release – they might call it astral projection, or whatever they think it is. But it is a terrible trap that will prevent real exteriorization
If you want astral projection, you might be able to mock it up by meditating. If you want true spiritual freedom, well that is a whole other ball game.

Thy Will is/be done

AP through meditation is intentional and corrupted by the ‘self’ that rules the mind. It is not of God- Holy Spirit inspired.
Unintentional is being one in Spirit with God. Children of God will one day reunite and we shall be One in Spirit with God.
Seek God and worship Him. Oh, how you Need to ‘Love’ God. A personal relationship with God. And to some are given fruits of the spirit.
I love God, He loved me first.
Why are you seeking what you are seeking? I ask again.


they are related since you need to set your brain in a certain type of “frequency” to reach those states.
Ever tried/heard of binaural beats?
They work for most people


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