What dimension does consciousness lies in?

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Consciousness as in how we feel our own existence, controlling our thoughts, self-wareness etc.
How does consciousness originate? How it travels?
This should be a scientific question. Please give me your views.

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personally, I think its somewhere in the last 6 dimensions. There are prolly parts of our brain that would allow us to exist in more than the first four dimensions, but we don’t use ’em.


anything that anyone tells you on here will be a lie
any thing they say is “scientific”
is NOT
its just their THEORY
Obviously.. God is the one that can read our consciousness.. and our intentions
i agree.. ” the human word “dimension” is so pathetic.”

Josh S

it lies in an infinite number of dimensions, which lie in the only dimension that we exist in. the human word “dimension” is so pathetic.
you cannot accurately disprove what i say. you can only lie to yourself. that is all we do.


In the dimension of time. In order to be cognizant, it must be cognizant of movement. Movement provides a basis for recognition of contiguous moments, and only with cognition of contiguous moments can consciousness be realized. If nothing ever moved, you wouldn’t know consciousness from unconsciousness.
How does it originate? Take a single celled life form. It may sense the sunlight and whatever else it needs to exist, but it isn’t “conscious” of them in the sense that it thinks of them. Biology does everything for them.
In the higher life forms that have volition, (animals,) “thinking” is still not a requisite. Ayn Rand said animals have a “range of the moment” consciousness; Loren Eiseley called it their “eternal present.” Animals without the ability to extrapolate metaphysics from physics, as homo sapiens do, cannot have a sense of “time” except as an “eternal present,” one day being like the next.
Animal consciousness is evolved, like all things in life, but from which branch did homo sapien evolve? That is the big question. Many scientist believe the chimp belongs in our genus because on the evolutionary scale he is so close to us that in a few hundred thousand years he may be just like us.


Length…no maybe width…time…the radial dimension…the angular dimension….I guess it depends on what coordinate system you’re using… 😀

No Picture

The wobbly, jelly dimension.
I guess that makes it 3-dimensional, but as for what dimension… umm, this one?
We know hardly anything about our brains, I think there’s plenty of room for scientific discovery inside our skulls before we need to start looking in other dimensions.

Howard K

Science is incapable of answering what awareness is or how it occurs, etc because it is not a physiological “process”. Consciousness is a slightly different matter because it is awareness through a framework (such as sight or an ego) and the framework is or is tied to a physiological process (eye, brain, etc).


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