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What differences, if any , are there between the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha?

Questions of theology aside, were there any differences on how they taught one should comport one’sself here on Earth?


  1. I guess the main difference is that Jesus taught that we should give our lives so fully over to Him that we would gladly die for Him, and…. Buddha didn’t?

  2. Neither is god. And neither claimed to be god.
    But both were really moral and outstanding people. (:
    Jesus was a messenger of god.

  3. Jesus said you can only obtain salvation if you believe in Me.
    The Buddha said you can only obtain salvation if you believe in yourself.
    (Guess which one doesn`t have a stuffed up ego)

  4. There are actually two books written by Thich Nhat Hahn that speak to the similarities if these two teachers- Living Buddha, Living Christ and Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers. If you have not read them yet and this is something that interests you, I highly recommend them.

  5. Jesus has the ten commandments Buddha has 3:
    1 life sucks, deal with it
    2 orange is the best color ever. it should be the only color you ever wear
    3 hair? doesn’t make sense. shave it all off
    there are many christians that have positive outlooks on life, wear colors besides orange, and have hair. there’s your difference

  6. There are really very few. Please ignore the people who obviously do NOT know what Buddha taught.
    To your second question : they taught pretty much identical ethics.

  7. Just a few big ones; Jesus taught a meaningful lifestyle AND submissions to god, Buddha taught only a meaningful lifestyle. Jesus claimed to be the son of God, Buddha made specific that he was not a godly man and only a mortal man.

  8. Well, neither left writings in their own hands, both of their teachings were ultimately recorded by students, and possibly not even first generation students.
    Whatever ethical similarities there may be, ultimately, the biggest difference between what has been written is that the phrase “Question everything for yourself, even the words of a Buddha” has been attributed to Buddha. I think anyone who encourages that kind of intellectual honesty trumps anyone else who asks for blind faith.

  9. Buddha came up with ways to work their way to Heaven.A Jesus said it can’t be earned,it is just free gift home by him only.

  10. Jesus never existed, so many of his teachings (made by others) are muddled and not very descriptive at times.
    Buddha spoke more clearly and didn’t get the luxury of spending the weekend in hell and getting resurrected 1.5 days later. He was just a person. Jesus was a figment of people imaginations

  11. They were actually quite similar! Unfortunately, it’s a different story with their followers. Christians and Buddhists are quite different. I think it’s because many modern christians derive more from the writings of Paul and the old testament than from the gospel accounts, while Buddhists have remained true to the peaceful teachings of Buddha.


  13. Buddhism–
    abstract, indifferent God ; we suffer because we desire that which is temporary – salvation through self-reliance.
    Christianity – God is a personal God who is self-existent and changeless – we are made in His image – We suffer because of the consequences of our sin – salvation comes through girgiveness and reconciliation with God through the saving work of Jesus christ on the cross.

  14. Teaching between Buddha and Jesus are both about love on worldly aspect, the difference is one is love without objects and conditions, and other love of with objects and conditions.
    Jesus’ love has an object and a motive: I love you like a father (Creator/ Created (possessive), and I want you to love me and honor me); I want you to love and honor your parents; I want you to love thy neighbor’s as thyself etc… There are relationship and objects of adoration.
    Buddha’s teaching of Loving Kindness and Empathetic Compassion are without fixed objects; and the objects of adoration are “as the motherly sentient beings throughout the Universe”, a relationship is not need and there is no sense of possessiveness; there is neither attachments nor sense of entitlement.
    Jesus said, “I am the light and I am the way, believe in me and you will be saved.”
    Buddha said, “What I said is the Truth, you don’t need to believe in my words, but examine what I said and confirm my teachings yourself.”
    Jesus said, “For a rich man to go through the gate of Heaven is like a camel going through the eye of a needle.”
    Buddha said, “You cannot arrive at Buddha’s Pure Land without Merits and Virtues.”
    Finally, we must talk about the extraordinary accomplishments for the practitioners of either teaching; because not everyone will make it to the ultimate goal- especially for the Sunday Christians or Buddhists.
    Jesus teaching is to help you get to the “Heaven”, which is subject to accepting and following all of his teachings; and in the end you can reach one of the many mansions of the God, and become one of his servants or subjects. (There are many levels of Heavens as depicted by Buddhists Universal Cosmology.)
    Or following the Buddha teaching will help you reach the full Enlightenment, by being self-reliance and training to reach a state of Omni-conscious, Omni-aware, Omni-potent; and everlasting in your own Bliss (The Nirvana).
    This is a state where you are neither a servant nor a subject of any supreme beings. Rather you are equal in every way in wisdom and power to the Shakyamuni Buddha or every other Buddha before him, equal without limitation.
    One thing always gets me, and that is, why Christians always contradict themselves?
    Such foolish comments about you are not a son/daughter of God, and Just Jesus was? Go and read the God Inspired Bible (?) – “The Genesis”.
    Didn’t the Bible say we are all God’s Creation? And that we are created in his image? Didn’t he breathe a holy breath into us so we have life? If we are not sons and daughters of God, then where in hell are you guys crawling out of?
    PS. Not that I agree with their Creation theory, but rather use their own story to refute their fallacies.
    Please excuse my language and my bloodshot comments, every times I read some of those senseless and uneducated Christians’ comments, it just boiled my blood and I just feel like to do one of those Chan/Zen Masters do, beat the senses out those guys, and may be give them some sense of Enlightenment.
    Ha, Ha, just Joking- or else I just might land myself in a Jail, if I do.

  15. As far as Jesus specifically is concerned, I don’t think there’s that much of a difference between matters of personal conduct recommended between the sila (morality) of the Eightfold Path and the Sermon on the Mount. Both Buddha and Jesus said one should not harbor hatred against others and one should be peaceful even toward those who are violent. (With the Buddha, it was the Simile of the Saw. With Jesus, turning the other cheek.) Both taught honesty, kindness, compassion, living simply, peacefulness, etc.
    Doctrines of theology, naturally, are vastly different. But as far as conduct on earth is concerned, I couldn’t honestly think of a single distinction.


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