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What did you think of Naruto chapter 460? And didn't that evil chakra around sasuke look like 4 tails Naruto?

Woah, he is like totally evil now and he’s killing people, i stopped liking sasuke after he killed my fav. characters (snif RIP Deidara, Itachi, Orochimaru) lol, but didn’t that evil thing around Sasuke look like 4 tails naruto? i’m not saying that it is naruto, but the way it’s drawn it looks the 4 tails form. So is that his new chakra from now on? I think the raikage might die, or be near death and killer bee or naruto will come to save the day.
What do you think will happen?
Do you think madara had something to do with sasuke’s new form, and what do you think he wants to talk to Naruto about?


  1. AH yeah! i thought the same thing.
    it did look like the tailed beast thing…
    i guess it will be his new chakra.
    I totally think Naruto will save the day! =)
    i’m not sure about the killer bee though.
    yes i think it was uchiha madara who did that to sasuke!
    he wasn’t so evil before… I think madara only wants to
    capture naruto so he can be more powerful or whatever.


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