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What did witches do to become accused of witchcraft in the 16th and 17th century?

I know it is witchcraft in general but what exactly did they do?
Maybe they didn’t do anything they were just accused, but in the accusser’s opinion what do they think witches have done?


  1. Acted in a strange way, be seen doing something odd, smoke coming out in awkward shapes, anything that was seen and out of the ordinary. I’m sure they way the person looked depened greatly as well. Such as wearing pointy hats or having a pointy nose 🙂

  2. Some healed with herbs and got the doctors angry because they took away business.
    Others owned property that someone else wanted.
    Others were old women without any surviving family which would have protected them.
    There has always been persecution in human history, and some women were just vulnerable.

  3. They didn’t have to do anything… If a woman had a pet cat, or a wart, or a sharp tongue, or was a herbalist and upset the “Witch Hunter” then she would be tested..
    One Test was to strap the woman to a dunking chair and dunk her into a lake or river… If she lived she was a Witch!!
    Witches would be blamed for a poor harvest, drought, floods, or someones personal misfortune.
    Fortunately today’s Witches can live their lives without persecution..


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