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What did u see when u died? Anybody thats had a near death experience?

Im not very religious myself but i like to think there’s something after death. I had a teacher once that had gotten in a car accident and died for a total of 2 min. She, being a teacher, couldn’t tell us what she saw but the look on her face showed me that she saw something.
Since that day iv always wondered what it was that she saw and i figured maybe someone else out their had the same thing happen to them and i could ask them.


  1. Big freaking saltwater waves coming over the bow of a small boat, then not much else. I had a lot of dreams before I came to, but they were just dreams and I knew it at the time. Normal dreams, like you have when you sleep.

  2. Those experiences result from increased levels on Dimethyltryptamine being pumped into the brain. It’s a hallucinogen. It causes dreams too.

  3. look up: 90 minutes in heaven
    and 23 minutes in hell
    true stories of pastors-God gave them a taste of both
    you can also find their sermons on youtube.com

  4. Well one can not tell you what they saw, after they died. If its a near death experience, they never died. they were only on the verge of dying.

  5. I saw nothing. You know when you fall into a very deep sleep and have no dreams. It was like that. I was put to sleep, I “died”, I woke up. I do not believe in an afterlife.


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