What did The Talibans gain by destroying the Buddha statues in their country?





What did The Talibans gain by destroying the Buddha statues in their country?
Possible answers: –
– taught a good lesson to idolaters?
– removed some signs the God is highly displeased with ?
– They will be welcome in heaven as heroes. ?
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  1. They have a very fundamentalist interpretation of their religious text – thus assuming the right for cultural vandalism.
    No different to the bigotry of any kind of Fundy.

  2. It really was a cultural thing or one of lacking gospel affect.
    Does G-d want it that way?
    Perhaps a container with made in China as the next G-d.?( this is more theirs)
    Acts of righteousness of obedience well?
    It is quite possible.
    Many graven images and so forth to heathen gods were removed and destroyed even whole cultures.
    So if Buddha and the shipping container may not be present G-d still looks upon the inward part of us.
    Jesus is thge righteous one and God almighty his Father in Heaven.
    Having them is better than works that may correct those of Israel the church he loves.
    Talaban is peculiar too? So are many nations.
    Jesus overturned the tables as a testimony to not defile his Father’s House. The money changers and merchants were taught a lesson.

  3. My best guess, although your answers are ‘humorous’ is it presents proof positive that they are ignorant, are afraid that their ancestors were Buddhists, and that the Islam religion was a ‘Johnny come lately’ as far as a belief / terrorist lifestyle.
    Foolish to destroy a national treasure. If you do not like it, sell the thing. Besides, i do not believe the Buddhists worship the thing, they just ‘pray at it’ much the same as Muslims pray towards Mecca .

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