What did the Fourth Hokage want Naruto to do with the Nine Tailed fox's chakra?

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It is mentioned in the manga that he wanted Naruto to use it a weapon against Uchiha Madara but does that even make sense? I mean he can’t control it and it actually hurts his body. Plus what is the “that jutsu” that Jiraiya forbids Naruto from using soon after homecoming.

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He wants it all to himself so he can revive himself and take over Konoha! And then declare war on all other nations!


4th hokage really believes that naruto use the power of the nine tailed fox someday and u didn’t know if naruto might control the power of nine tailed fox because u know his character that he can make the impossible to possible so i think he can use it someday!!!
i think u mean that jiraiya forbids using the chakra of the nine tailed fox because he can’t control it and can cause trouble to his friends!!

tyrone j

Well I’m sure you read the chapter of when naruto and minato(fourth) met,if not SPOILER ALERT!!! Yea so in their conversation he explaines that he sealed half of th foxes chakra for his convienence. He told him that the man in akatsuki with the mask(tobi/madara) is a unordinary ninja and that with out a special source of power defeating him may be impossible. Also minato sensed that he might attack the village again so in a sense he kinda also gave it to him just incase madara returned.


I’m still not getting why Jiraiya would try to get Naruto to learn how to use the Fox Chakra all the While Kakashi and Yamato say he should use his own power. Seems like a conflict of interests within that group. With Jiraiya tweaking the seal to release a bit more of the chakra only then to seal it back up later.Sigh its just wierd trying to follow what they are trying to do


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