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What did the enlightened west give to the rest of the world which they could not do without?


  1. Agreeing with Yipyap, the freedom to choose, advances in medicine such as radiology, various medicines and surgical techniques, such as Penecillin, the Polio vaccine, sterile procedures, the autoclave, electricity and the abolition of slavery are all a good start.

  2. Railways
    freedom from despotic rulers
    coca cola
    Football World Cup

  3. The rule of law- But it looks they’re doing real well without. Just look at Somalia, that place is a parad…Um, nevermind.
    Understanding of microbiology- Or do you like burning witches at the stake when the Caliph catches a STD?
    Democracy- It stops society from having a bloody revolution or coup d’etat every few years. Iran looks about ready for another.
    Separation of Church and State- Helps to cut down on persecution of those who believe differently from you.
    Access to Information–The first guy said “freedom,” that sums it up I guess, but the great one for me is the Freedom of Press, and of speech. People still die for blog entries in some countries. Americans don’t read the newspaper that their ancestors had to fight to secure the right to have access to all the infortmation in the world,. without BS propaganda
    The answers that everyone gave are all great things to me–the technology, the freedom, the
    rational foundation of government. If you don’t like these things, and some people do not, then it’s not so swell I guess.


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