What did Santana mean by "Black Magic woman" exactly?

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Did he mean a “black magic” woman like in a woman of any race that is doing black magic. Or did he mean a black “magic woman” , meaning a black woman that is magic.
@Steven: Ooh la la

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I believe that black magic woman meant black tar heroin, in the 60’s and 70’s heroin was used so much just like LSD Lucy in the sky with diamonds.. just think heroin would make you sell your soul.. so I do not believe even though it does have 2 meaning but I dont think Santana was into voodoo… but I just saw Santana IVLive at the house of Los Vegas on tv and Santana looks very good for his age.. so maybe he did use heroin for a short time and saw how it was messing with his mind, body and soul and quit… but who knows.. just know in that era heroin, LSD, cocaine, weed and who knows what other drugs was used.. so forget about the voodoo … and plus he was an artist and many of them do drugs to stay awake and continue to play gigs…


Black magic as in voodoo.


when did he say that?


“black magic” I think…no idea though…


LOL ask him! J/F he means a women that can do bad magic like me! You next


lol !


A woman who practice’s black magic, meaning she’s got him hooked. I doubt that he was referring to her skin color, simply her feminine wiles.

Steven Abdul

well “black magic” is VOODOO
but if you look at the album cover of “ABRAXAS”,
you may think he was singing about a “black” MAGIC woman!


I always thought it had to do with voodoo – but it’s what you make of it, surely….
Back in the ’70’s, we had the occasional discussion – but then usually forgot what we were talking about.
Nice to hear Santana again – it’s just as good as it ever was, especially with a soupcon of nostalgia.

62,040,610 Idiots

The song was originally written by Peter Green of, and for, Fleetwood Mac.
I think if you read the lyrics, it seems fairly obvious that he is referring to a magician doing black magic … “Got your spell on me, baby … ”
Perhaps Santana and his multi-ethnic band used the song with a recognition of the possible double meaning, but I don’t think ethnicity was in the mind of the original writter.


I have a question and anyone who suspects or knows the answer, is welcome to share 😉
What does he myean by saying “…YOU JUST MIGHT PICK UP MY MAGIC STICKS” ???
Is it just an english expression or he speaks “literally” by meaning that he is too a “magician” him self by …in a different way perhaps.. and he will some how take revenge?!?!


Here “black magic woman” refers to drugs. Go through the lyrics once and you will realize that. But “black magic woman” has multiple meanings.


I always thought it was a song about domestic abuse. Written from the perspective of an abusive husband, who was kind of trying to justify his actions.


Its about Drugs…Marijuana.


No mariguana chico heroine… lol


i think he felt like he was under a love spell and his girl emotionally could control him. isn’t how it always works


I think it might have something to do with black magic chocolate which was a British brand of chocolate, popular as a courtship gift in the 60s and 70s. Just a theory, who knows what Peter green was thinking when he wrote the song


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