What did Nostradamus predict that the world would end?

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Im trying to do some research on him and his prediction of the world ending, but i’ve been getting a load of crap about his quatrains (which are important- yes I know) and how they just predicted other things and succeeded and blah blah blah. Can someone tell me exactly how he said we would all die? Like that about all the stars lining up, or the second sun. Thanks.

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Harold K

Essentially we all burn in hell. After the flooding of the earth where we
all supposedly come from Noah, God supposedly promised he would
never again flood the earth so, Negrodamus that he is, predicted that
on the next jaunt we would all burn in hell.


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last week were suppose to turn into chocolate bunnies

For Your Entertainment

Notredamus predicted we would die in the year 3979 because the sun would engulf us 🙂


Nostradamus Takes His Leave.
Vingt ans du regne de la lune passez,
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa monarchie,
Quand le soleil prendra ses jours laissez,
Lors accomplit a fine ma Prophecie.
Twent years after the moon’s reign is over
Another monarch will take over for seven thousand years
When the sun finally takes its leave
My prophesying will be accomplished.


Nostradamus never predicted anything correctly. His verses are so obscure, they can be made to mean almost anything. When a major event takes place, his followers look at his writings and say “Ah yes, that’s what he must have been talking about”. When not even the most liberal translation of his verses can stretch their meaning to cover some event, they just invent another verse and pretend he wrote it. When they try and make predictions for the future, instead of the past, they invariably fail, as will be the case in 2012.
Here are some of his predictions ‘interpreted’ before the event:
Teddy Kennedy to become President.
World War 3 to begin around 1994.
‘In the year 1999, and seven months, from the sky will come the great King of Terror.’ I don’t recall anything much happening then, apart from the release of the third Harry Potter film.


The load of crap is due to the vagueness of the Quatrains and surely there is something lost in the translation. Translation is basically the interpretation of the translator. It relies upon how well he understands both languages and whether or not he makes the correct choice of words which convey the specific concept.
Many today do not even understand plain English or Spanish (their primary language) let alone some language which they learned from another person with his own opinions. This is why there are so many opinions about a single quatrain for example.
The world will not come to an end and if it were to what…just what are you going to about it if you really could do something?


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