What did Jesus do between his resurrection and his ascension?

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He put on a hell of a drag queen show.

joe b

He made numerous appearances to various peoples and ingrafted some with the Holy Spirit who were then given the admonishion to spread His Gospel throughout the world and to start His church.


I really do not know,the Bible just says he died was placed in the tomb and rose on the 3rd day. What his spirit which is GOD did during those 3 days NO ONE knows.


He appeared to His disiples and also went and preached to the souls in the hadean state.

♫ Rosalinda ♫

The Bible is not specific.


He showed himself to countless people, performed miracles, reinstated Peter, calmed Thomas and gave us the great commission. In short he did as he had done before the three day interruption of his mission on Earth. I wonder what he did in the private solemn times with each disciple. The words of encouragement and instruction that was personal and tailor fit for each. A one on one conversation with the living God. I wonder what he would have said to me?

Paul L

lol i actually got the answer to this just today during church. in the wordly sense his body sat in his borrowed tomb until he was resurrected. but his spirit went to paradise,not heaven. paradise was the place all believing jews went to before Jesus came to die for our sins. so Jesus spirit went to paradise to take all the old testament jews to heaven. im not sure if paradise still exists today but it was very close to heaven. basically pretty awesome to be at but not the perfection of heaven.


Word searches, duh…

Miller _JA

taught a myriad things which John referred to as “the books of this world cannot contain such words”.


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