What did Albert Einstein think about Genetic Modification of Plants or even Humans?






I was wondering how Albert Einstein was thinking about it.


  1. Einstein died before Genetic Modification occured. Watson and Crick had just
    identified DNA a mere two years before Einstein’s death, so it wasn’t an issue he considered.

  2. I second Jacks answer.
    But I think its important to note that he probably wouldnt have said anything about it…
    Einstein had a little to say about religion, a little to say about love, a little to say about a lot of intrinsic and sentimental abstractions. But when it comes to the sciences, he was a physicist, not a biologist.
    Even if had an opinion, he’d be grossly unqualified in the subject matter for his opinion to matter to anyone besides those blinded by his celebrity.

  3. He didn’t. In that I mean that the concept of genetic engineering was not even invented at the time, and therefore Einstein would not have any opinions on the matter.

    Did you know Columbus had thousands of flamenco hits on his I-pod?

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