What deities do followers of Aleister Crowley's Thelema worship?







  1. 93,
    First it isn’t “Thelema worship.”
    Second, it depends. The god idea in Thelema is a bit different than you are thinking. Remember this, to us Gods are usually symbols, or metaphors. Some of us are Christian in worship, others Jewish, and etc. However, our Holy Books are written by a set of deities [Remember, symbols, or “Aggregates of Experience.”] namely Nuit [Queen of Infinite Space] Hadit [The Monad] Hoor-Pa-Kraat [The Silent Heru] Ra-Hoor-Khuit [The Active Heru], Heru-Ra-Ha [The two previous gods as one], Babalon [A physical form of Nuit, the virgin whore], Baphomet [The Hideous God] and CHAOS [Too complex].
    Of course as those are Aggregates they can be substituted into other ideas and interchanged.
    However, there is a final god, and the only truly important god in Thelema. Man. The other gods help man to realize what he truly is capable of. Of course, as before different Thelemites will pay homage to various cultural gods, as they Will it.
    If you need to know anything else, or want an expansion on this, feel free to e-mail me; I always leave it open
    Edit to above answers: The symbols are Egyptian [And Babylonian], however the exposed personality of the deities is markedly different; saying they are the Egyptian deities is insulting to Khemites AND Thelemites.
    Edit2: Wow. a TD. The only Thelemite frequently on R&S gets a TD on a Thelema question. lol.
    93 93/93

  2. Thelema has a variety of gods, mostly egyptian though. I don’t think you have to believe in the gods to be literal to be a thelamite though.

  3. anyone ones they wish if they be spiritually dead, to include,
    Hadit, Horus, paarkraat, therion, babalon, rhahoorkhuit, nuit, satan, and any ancient egyptian one they choose and. not limited to only these, these were the basis on his creation of that religion.

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