What culture is a SHAMAN COAT from ?

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Jσαииα єνє JPA

Well, shamans come from all over the world. But, in warm places like Africa I guess they don’t need coats so I suppose somewhere more northerly, like a Slavic or Eskimo type thing. Maybe even some Native American Tribes, particularly in the north like Alaska, Maine, Washington etc. It could be any from a great number and shamans come from a great number of cultures.


Look up Buryat Shaman on You tube-those videos may show the coat you refer to.
The Buryat are a group of people who live in OUTER Mongolia.
many people through out Siberia and Boreal areas practice Shamanism.
It is the official religion of Tuva.
It is refeernce in Old Irish tales about a Druid’s cloak of feathers-IMO it’s referring to a similar garment.

bluff mike

At least one American Indian story tells about a powerful evil wizard who wore a coat made of the skins of fauns. Couldn’t tell you what nation..



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