Home Discussion Forum what crystals/stones can be used for my first conscious obe?

what crystals/stones can be used for my first conscious obe?

by dildobaggins:

my local rock shop has about every crystal/healing stone you could ask for. (kinda pricey tho) i have been practicing astral projection for well over 6 months now with no results. i know i can do it but cant get to the vibration state that everyone is talking about? i can get to a trance state or paralysis but havent gotten to the violent vibrational state where you hear loud noises and feel energy flowing through your body like electricity. but anyway…back to my question. what crystals can i meditate with to reach the astral plane?

Answer by LiT
crystal meth


  1. Sounds like you’re getting the hang of it but focusing too much on the vibration, everyone goes through the process differently and you shouldn’t rely so much on certain things that OTHERS are facing.
    What methods have you tried out?
    I’ve posted a site as a source, the forum of the site is also posted as a separate source, be sure to post any and all questions you may have that the articles can’t help you with. I’ve seen progress from a couple of people who have referred me there and I believe it can help you too.


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