What crystal to use to heal from a break up?

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The Rev. Barnum Fife

Rose quartz.


Crystals don’t heal anything.

Final Dexter

I heard Crystal Meth makes you void of pain from a break up.


I would say rose quartz, as it is connected the our emotions.

**Logic is Logical**

a crystal scotch glass?


The type your ex owns that will make a huge mess and loud crash and shatter when you throw it against a brick wall! 🙂

Star Danser [Starshine's]

I have this lovely rose-quartz-and-pearl necklace that I wear after a bad break-up to heal. I’ve also found abalone shells work (strangely). Good luck.

Joe P

Why not trust in the one who made you to heal you?
John 3:16-18

Today Again?


Innocent Victim

It really doesn’t matter. Use whichever crystal your delusion tells you will work.
I’m getting so tired of living among superstitious primitives. Does anyone know of an island somewhere for people who aren’t afraid to face the universe as it really is?


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