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What Crystal Ball do you use?

I both have a clear glass ball, a Clear Quartz Crystal and an Amethyst Ball.


  1. Oh my dear, a plain, old bucket of water will do just as well. Try melting a bit of lead and drop it in the water and read the shapes that the lead takes as it cools. That’s what the Turks do to figure out who has cast the Evil Eye on somebody. Or dispense with crystal and water entirely, thread a needle and let it hang suspended over a pregnant woman’s belly. If it swings back and forth, that means the baby will be a boy. If it swings round and round, that means the baby will be a girl. Unless, of course, granny got it backwards, in case it’s the other way around. But it doesn’t much matter because the odds are only 50/50 that this’ll be correct. Ha ha ha ha ha! My needle didn’t do either one for my baby #1. It just sat there. What? I wondered, am I having a hobbit?! Then I tried the Drano test. It was supposed to turn white for a girl (dropping a dab of urine in a spoonful of Drano) and brown for a boy. Whoof! After the smoke cleared I checked and it was decidedly green! Another prognistication for a hobbit, I suppose! But I had a lovely little girl who grew up to a poetess. The next was a boy after all the same tests. So toss out all the crystal balls, pails of water, needles and thread, and the doctor’s stethoscope theory to boot. Only the ultrasound knows for sure!

  2. Four inch Waterford. I had to save for five years to afford it, but I’ll never regret the wait.
    maiingan2: Not cheap, because you have to work a great deal harder to “connect.” I am the only person who has touched my Ball in 30 years. It warms me as I warm it before scrying.


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