What Cream do you use during the Healing of your tattoo?

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I got told to use Bepanthen thats what my tattoo artist said was the best and not to listen to anyone else.
But what dose everyone else use ?

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E45 is what i used and it was absolutley fine


No i would listen to my tattoo artist its the best cream to use and leaves the skin nice and smooth.


Vaseline / also used baby oil I have 5 tats and all are great .


My tattooist sold me Savlon after i had mine done, i used it and it healed fine..smells nice too 🙂


Several kinds of ointment are available, but the best choice is one with bacitracin.
Most tattoo artists recommend that people stay away from petroleum jelly, as it supposedly damages the color of a tattoo.
During the two-week healing period, avoid hot tubs, swimming pools, and lake or ocean water. They harbor bacteria that could cause an infection. And, avoid exposure of the area to any water for longer than 5 to 10 minutes – that includes the shower or bath.

skens girl

Hi, I use tattoo goo.I think its just a gimmick though because the ingredients are the same. My tattooist told me tattoo goo was the best and then when I returned with my friend months later to get a tattoo they were marketing a similar one only to be told that this was now the best cream!x


i used savlon


Bepanthen cream is good also product called pro-tatt (check spelling) it comes in spray and cream and worked for me.
good luck with your ink and welcome the dark-side


THC, look it up x


Tattoo Goo


ive always heard that u use a&d ointment. Works good 2, i used it on all 4 of mine.


I used Savlon for all of mine.

Roy J

i use aveeno oatmeal lotion for all mine. no problems ever


I also used Bepanthen


bepathen same here it is for babies bums so its going to be ok for us put it in everyday on tattoo for at least a month to get a good healed result


A&D ointment is what I’ve been using for the two most recent tats. I had a large one on my shoulder heal in about two weeks from using this stuff and I’m totally convinced this is the best stuff to use. You can get it in tubes at any drug store, pretty much.

g r



Bepathen first aid anti bacterial is best my artist said don’t use tatto goo or anything like that so I suggest bepathan first aid as I used that on my 3 and 2 are pre much all colour and have never had any itchiness or anything


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