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What courses do you think would be in a Pagan School (similar to a Catholic school, perhaps) in the USA?

I think there’d be…
_Normal Classes_
– Math (Geometry, PreAlgebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, Calculus)
– English (British, American)
– History (American [required], British, Irish, Italian, Egyptian, Norse, African, Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, East European)
– Science (Biology [required], Astronomy, Psychology, Forensics, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental, Earth)
– Language (Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic)
– Arts (Band, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Choir, Music Theory)
– Gym (Tae Kwan Do, Fencing, Kendo, Tai Chi, Karate, Aerobics, Gymnastics, Weight Training)
_Pagan Classes_
– Divination (Omens + Symbology [required], Tarot, Runes + Ogham, Astrology, Palmistry, Tea Leaves + Crystal Ball Seeing)
– Crafts (Rituals and Spells [required], Comparitive Pagan Religious Laws [required], Wand + Staff making, Rune + Ogham making, Making your own Magickal Alphabet)
– Religions (Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Judaism, Kabbalah, Kemeticism, Ancient Graeco-Roman, Native American Traditions, Norse, Eastern European, Japanese, Chinese, Sumerian and Phoenician, Celtic, African, Vodou, Santeria)
Feng Shui
Mineral Identification
Creative Writing
Pagan Elements in Popular Literature
(another Arts class)
So, what do you think? Think it would be different? If you’re Pagan and were in High School, would you be psyched to go? Y’know, what’s your deal?
I realized a little late I forgot to include Buddhism and Hinduism. I’m so sorry. ;_;


  1. I wish my Catholic school had offered that many courses. 🙂 I like the idea of the school having not only Pagan-related courses, but comparative religion in general. A course on the history of Paganism might be interesting. Why ignore French, German and Italian in the language courses? Anyway, it sounds good.

  2. your schools already pagan. you guys celebrate xmas, easter, b-days, halloween. major pagan holidays. I don’t celebrate these holidays as I am not a pagan, but your schools do , so they must be pagan.

  3. I like the courses very much. I’d also probably suggest an elective of healing modalities (Reiki, etc.). How about a class on the Rede?

  4. sounds like a dream school–we need to get together and make it a reality–and summer vacations at sufi camp!

  5. He**** yes WOW you earn my star! I would pay to go and I’m 26! I study Wicca and I love this idea. Thinking of doing something with this idea? I would so help populate the school with my five children and myself telling everyone any way I could! If only that were here already.
    I think herbalism should be required though, it is healing, therefor required! I love it! Yes I agree with all that I am!

  6. As a Pagan, I would not send my son to a school that taught Astrology and pseudoscience next to science. It would teach him that healthy skepticism had no place in Paganism, and I don’t feel that kind of Paganism is in our best interests.

  7. As long as you meet the required core curriculum (math, history, gym, English, etc.) for the state where the school is, legally there can be a Pagan School anywhere!
    Kinda like a charter (specialized public) school, or a private school. And you can offer anything you want in the new Pagan School, as long as does not harm the kid of course. For instance, alchemy might be frowned upon, with the melting pots and all.

  8. Broomstick Flying 101?
    Summoning Satan?
    KIDDING, Don’t kill me…I AM PAGAN! Get your finger off the hate mail button. Geez…
    So, Pagan school
    First, I think Philosophy would be a required course, allowing a broader perspective on the topics that would later be a requirement, like Philosophy 101 as a prereq.
    Other subjects would be:
    Athame Crafting
    Wand Crafting
    Ogham (YES!)
    Alchemy (come, Alphonse! We shall create the Philosopher’s Stone!)
    History of (insert Pagan religion here)
    Hung Gar
    Ba Gua
    Spells should be broken into several classes, as should ritual, as some would not do ritual, even now, some Pagans do not. So why require it?
    Potions (not like Harry Potter, don’t be retarded)
    Crystal/stone magick
    Cooking (yes, food and cooking ARE magickal!)
    There are alot of Pagan/magickal disciplines out there. It would be difficult to cover them all. (chaos, cosmos…. not the magazine, geez you people…)
    Oh! Let’s not forget altar work, for those who want to create one
    And talisman crafting too!

  9. Religions (Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Judaism, Kabbalah, Kemeticism, Ancient Graeco-Roman, Native American Traditions, Norse, Eastern European, Japanese, Chinese, Sumerian and Phoenician, Celtic, African, Vodou, Santeria)

  10. We’re working (slowly) on a project like this. Get in touch. We need all the help we can get!
    Comparative religions, comparative mythology, comparative creation myths.
    Kids should get a good foundation so they can make an informed choice of paths.
    I wouldn’t make any specific magic or religion courses (except comparative courses) required, just require that they take a few and they can select with their parents which ones they want, since Paganism is so diverse.
    I’d also include Botany, including plant identification, Ecology, Anthropology and at least one Modern and one Ancient language. And lots of Lit, because you know what we say to all the Pagan newbies- Read, read, read!

  11. Interesting idea….
    I’d like to see Latin added because it is the base for so many words and plant names.
    I’d also like to see some mythology and a class specifically covering religious symbols around the world. A class on basic horticulture would be nice as well as having a school garden (after school activities).
    Have you listed any computer courses?
    Since today’s teens will soon be voting adults, I feel that a course in political science would be good (bi-partisan, of course). These teens are our future and I want them to be informed about how the government works and what they can do to make things better. Especially, I want them to know that they can make a difference if they want to.

  12. Are you planning to open a Pagan school? If so where at? I have been Master of such a school before – online and there are plans to reopen using the mail service…..good luck to you


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