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What could we do with all the negative energy in the world?

If someone could harness it all, global warming would truly be a myth, don’t you think?
Sex Fairy…that is just too weird. I noticed it too.
Rainbow, I guess I was thinking that all the negative energy on here would be carbon free, but maybe I am wrong with this assumption.


  1. This is too weird. Look at the question I just posted. Are you reading my mind?…
    EDIT – people just forget that it’s easier to smile… I swear… it’s like…ok we have to do this (whatever it may be that we don’t want to do… life in general) and we can do it laughing or crying… hell, let’s just do it laughing! I think it may be more fun….

  2. I think we should harness all the negative energy and put it into a black hole in space.
    Does that mean you think negative energy has a cooling effect (endothermic), and that positive energy makes everyone feel warm all over (exothermic), causing global warming?
    EDIT: No, negative energy is very flinty, hence it is carbon-filled. However, you’re exuding positive energy right now. I’ll save some table scraps this Christmas just for you.

  3. what does negitive energy have to do with global warming. maybe we could measure how big the ball of negitive energy is and make a ball of positive energry the same size to keep everything in balance. b/c what is good with out bad. soemthing have to be a reference point to have perception. there is no feeling of happiness with out knowing the feeling of saddness,


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