What could it be when my penis is vibrating?






This sounds weird, but my penis has been vibrating recently. It usually starts when I masturbate. It’s a very strange sensation, kind of like when my cell phone is on vibrate, except it’s not my cell phone. I’ve had weird energy effects from kundalini yoga before, even projecting energy into a couple of my ex-girlfriends while receiving oral sex from them, but nothing like that has happened in a couple of years. What the hell is this? I doubt anyone on here knows, but it’s worth a shot.


  1. Well not to be nasty but that is kind of a good thing to happen during sex.
    That would be a ++ for me!
    Not trying to sound nasty though.
    But If your not embarrassed to ask.
    Just ask your health doctor.
    Or search it up on google!

  2. if you find out, let me know! i want mine to do that too, seriously, theres “toys” you can wear to make it do that, and they work great, but you gotta keep changing the batteries.

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