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What could i do to make self-affirmations work?

I already tried self-affirmations for months, but now my mind seems to reject it. I could try to tell myself that it is going to be a great day and i am a great person etc. etc… but deep in my mind it seems to reject all of it and revert to the opposite. I already read books on subconscious minds, books by napoleon hill and other authors but nothing seems to work. Any more idea on how i could do this thing? I only want to improve and develop my life. Thank you all for the answers.


  1. You may need to start with more specific and believable affirmations. If you say affirmations that are too far out of reach, your mind will tell you that they are nonsense. Instead of telling yourself that you are a great person, you could start out saying that you are a powerful person. You can even add a phrase to help counter resistance such as, “I am powerful and I am loving.” Some people, women in particular, may take exception to thinking of themselves as powerful due to the expectations of society. But if they can convince themselves that it is okay to be powerful, that it is possible to be powerful and be loved, and it is possible to be powerful and love others, then it will be more acceptable.
    I would say them out loud too, and each one maybe 20-30 times a day. Now, you would need to say them with the attitude that you want to cultivate in your life. I mean, if you want to be happy, say them in a happy voice and thinking happy thoughts/images. Since we tend to remember things more when our adrenaline is high, try to say them when you are exercising.
    You may want to try Susan Jeffers’ materials. “Dare to Connect,” and “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” are some of her book titles. She is heavy into affirmations.

  2. The only way an affermation works is if you truly BELIEVE it. Just going through the motions won’t get you anywhere. Pick a positive aspect of your personality, and get specific (like “I have a great laugh”) or even something physical (like “I have kind eyes”) and start with that. Once you start believing in the specifics, the more general things (like “It’s going to be a great day”) will get easier. Good luck

  3. I’ve never been a fan of self affirmations. If you were truly positive you wouldn’t need to tell yourself. It is better to just live the reality fully. For example, if you’re in a cemetery on Halloween night, telling yourself “I’m not scared, I’m not scared” is just a foolish self deception because the evidence that you are scared is the self affirmations themselves. To live better is to live truly. If you are scared, so be it. The moment you accept your reality and live it, that is the moment you don’t need to self affirm, because you accept it all and live it all no matter what. You will learn and see how to act and react, and if need be, do nothing. No need any longer to be a slave of your own thinking. Just be. Live whatever reality unfolds each day, good and bad. That is life, what’s real and true, not all the positive talk that is not always an accurate mirror of your life. Positive talk is trying to sweep all the bad realities under the rug. Don’t Just live through them all. That is what life is. It’s not all good and positive, but living through it all is.

  4. Start with affirmations that youKNOW are going to come true–
    “It is a beautiful day today — it’s Springtime– I will hear the birds, see the flowers, bask in the sunshine, feel the breeze caressing my cheek, and THAT wil make me happy. I will see children playing, and their laughter will make me happy.”
    Little stuff like that. Sounds hokey but it’s “practice” for the bigger stuff.
    Affirm and then LET IT GO. You have already ‘punched the button on the coffeemaker and the coffee will now make itself” — substitute the word Affirmation for Coffee.
    Read Norman Vincent Peale’s book — The Power of Positive Thinking.
    Read Edwene Gaines.
    Read “The Secret”– the first 1/3 of the book is superb. I only stopped reading it because the rest of the book was old hat to me.
    We were born to be positive thinkers. WE can set the attitude for the day.
    Practice “ThanksLiving” — be thankful for your existence, your faculties, the money (great or little) in your wallet (from a penny you find on the street, to a bilion dolars– it’s all part of the prosperity consciousness).
    I’ve been reading these books for years too — I came from a very negative family– it was hard sometimes to believe what I was saying but one day — all that I had read and said started to fall into place.
    PS– don;t try too hard — think of your subconscious as a stream with clear water, sparkling fish, waving green grass, rocks and pebbles gleaming in the sun — the banks on either side of this stream are filled with beautiful growing things,and the stream meanders on, singing its song of gently rushing waters as it goes along — this happens to the stream without the stream thinking of it– it just IS.


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