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What could be the reason for feeling tension in third eye when reading some sites?

I mean the sites for Alexandria Library -could they be enough strong to influence this info-center just by IN?
Is it also possible the third eye to be influenced by geometric symbols?
And may be pyramid symbols can influence?
And if humans are designed according some theories on cyber models – may ancients knew about geometric schemes to enter consciance?


  1. In my case it’s people not using their turn signals when driving.Not keeping right except when passing tenses mine right up as well.

  2. there is probably a ghost in the website because i had some tension when reading it. or maybe i needed to fart.

  3. You control your third eye – whether it be consiously or unconsciously. It is not controlled by other people or by websites. So if that was a concern, then don’t worry – you are in control not them.
    However, depending on the colors they use, the size and style of the font, and how long you are reading – then most definitely it will affect the muscles in your forehead as you adjust your eyes to read. And that can definitely cause tension.
    To test this theory, copy and paste the text from the website onto a document. Then adjust the font so everything is 12point arial in black. Print it, and then read. I think you will find a significant improvement in how you feel reading the text.
    I hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Since the “third eye” is a personal, psychological construct anything which personally or psychologically upset you will make your third eye feel tense.

  5. Your third eye may tense or buzz when it is either trying to remove a blockage or something activates it. I don’t know why a library would do that though…unless I’m missing something. I find the end of your question kind of confusing.

  6. your third eye is the superconsciousness realm. It acts on your behalf even when, sometimes you are not aware. You can interfere with it. The idea is not to interfere.
    If you are getting sore…you are probably tapping into that which you are seeking…and you are being given clues to your quest for answers. Your thrid eye swelling up is an indicator. Me too, I have had it countless times…activating like that when I study the pyramids of egypt.
    It’s completely related to the ancients…the snakes on their foreheads if the third eye power.


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