What connection do you see between the String Theory and Human Consciousness?

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Just looking for any mensa-like people out there.

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carlsberg 4 me

This: once we start realizing that string theory might not end up yielding the desired equation of the universe, it would be against our consciousness to keep on funding reseearch for a non-viable purpose.


Physically there seems to be no connection but philosophically String Theory is a great example of the cosmic dance between order and random events. And possibly the whole universe can be quantified and unified into a single concept based on “stings”. It’s another way of trying to wrap our minds around the infinite, and how the infinitely small constructs the infinitely large.


11 dimensional string theory, (and 26 dimensional M theory), has not produced anything.
It is possible that the extra 7 dimensions of space in string theory, (that are not perceived), are mathematical deception that first appeared with 5 dimensional Kaluza-Klein Theory.
String theory is possibly deception involving adding dimensions of space to the already existing 3 dimensions of space one dimension at a time at 90 degree angles to the previous dimension.
That string theory is possibly invalid is stated at the end of the wikipedia article on string theory.


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