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What common attributes in the personal styles of Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha?

Basically, what are the similarities between Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha?


  • Buddha and Jesus both spoke in dense, cryptic statements that take contemplation to understand. They were both gentle and compassionate, but Buddha had a reputation for snubbing fools to keep them away. The Buddha never declared himself a Buddha, others just recognized this. Jesus too was humble about his place, leaving it to others to recognize his divinity.

    Mohammad did not have much in common with the two. He was more like John Smith (founder of Mormonism), David Koresh, L. Ron Hubbard, or Reverend Jim Jones in how he handled his authority and asserted it. I’m not calling Islam a cult, but Mohammad did have more in common with these figure in that he claimed to be a prophet, and enjoyed many child-brides with his power as leader.

  • Good question!
    Due to geographical separation of the place, they lived, there is hardly anything similar in personal attributes. However, they all faced difficulties with a smiling face and they were all of the opinion that spiritual pleasure is far superior to worldly things.

  • They all chose live a poor man’s life muhammad and jesus were from poor families and buddha left his wealth behind. They all had to earn their place in society rather than be privileged with it, a must if one wants to be heard and accepted. They all tried to change the ethical buildup of their respective societies.

  • Buddha doesn’t BS.
    Each is responsible for their own actions.

    Jesus forgives.
    There’s no reason to practice Morality.

    I just think the whole John 3:16 is BS and promotes failure. I mean really, do Christians have any practice that they can do to help prevent Negative thoughts, or are they totally dependent on Jesus wiping their butts all the time?
    In Buddhism we have Meditation and the Noble Eight-Fold Path. Christians have nothing but a silly Bible Verse, that they quote consistently like mad, crazy people.
    Noble Eight-Fold Path

    And Muhammed raped a 6 year girl cause he was obviously smaller than the rest of the herd.

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