What comes to your mind when you hear that someone is a Wiccan Witch?





HOw do you think they will look? Dress? Their age? Their gender? What automatically comes to your mind and why? Is it from your own experiences or is it from the media and your Church views?


  1. OMGoodness they’re devil-worshipers!!!1!1
    No, I’m kidding. Honestly, I have no preconceived notions of what a Wiccan will be like. I’ve met too many Wiccans for that. Though generally when I hear the word “witch” I almost always think of a woman. Beyond that, just hearing the word “Wiccan” doesn’t bring anything in particular to mind. Most Wiccans that I’ve met are like anyone else, really.

  2. I tend think they’ll be dressed sort of new agey or modern hippie (toned down, cleaner version of the old school hippie). I assume they’re usually women. I’ve never met a guy who was into wicca. I suppose they could be any age, but all the ones I’ve met have been between 35 and 50. Then again I’ve only met four or five. It’s mostly just my limited experience that brings these preconceptions to mind. I should also add that all the Wiccans I’ve met were respectful, friendly and seemed very open minded (I guess you’d have to be).

  3. They’re pretty normal. But like most teenagers, they may be going through some kind of gothic phase, which highlights the satanic part of it. Some may argue there is satan involved in witch craft, but, whatever floats ya boat. Being Buddhists, I respect everything and everyone.

  4. ємíℓу мαяíα ♡♥єує ℓσνє уσυ!♥♡

    I don’t think much of anything, to be truthful. They have their opinions and I have mine. It seems like it would be nice to be in touch with nature, so if they’re happy, that’s great.
    If I had to picture what one would look like? Hippy-ish comes to mind. You know… long, wavy hair, about twenty years old, a tank top and a long skirt, prancing in a field and whatnot. But I don’t know any Wiccans, so this is just my general picture.
    I’m personally an atheist, so I have no church.

  5. Normal people with different believes from the majority , but ussually pretty cool, also dressed with dark clothes, and any age but generally women .

  6. I get excited and wonder what I can learn from them and hope that they can learn something from me. I hope that we can be friends and grow together.
    Most of my Wiccan friends tend to be female, but that may just be because most of my friends are female. They can be Caucasian, African American, anything they want. Your skin type doesn’t make you more likely to be Wiccan or not, it just can effect how difficult it can be in your cultural home life to practice and learn.
    Clothes don’t matter, nor does make up or hair, what matters is having an open mind and a heart open to others. 🙂
    Blessed Be!

  7. I once decided to educate myself about modern paganism; I happen to live close to a University, so I was able to find a student group of “polytheistic nature worshippers”. There is also an “interest group” within the local Unitarian Fellowship… So I’ve met a dozen or so. The one’s I’ve met are caucasian, well-educated, both genders, dress in ordinary clothes, and they are all very nice people, who take the Golden Rule VERY seriously- they call it the Rule of Three, it is the Golden rule supercharged.

  8. When you read some of the hate filled comments – some disguised as humour – is it any wonder why Pagan have a Tradition of concealment?
    Having said that NOT all Witches are Wiccan and not all Wiccans identify with the label “Witch”.
    Their age, gender, dress … well I’m 44, a mother with a BA, currently wearing a tracksuit before hitting the bed (nearly midnight here) – and having experienced Fundy Stalking for seven years, still am active in a Multi-Spiritual group in my town.
    Does that help?

  9. I think of someone I might like to get to know! And someone who won’t knock on my door trying to “save” me from myself!
    I know lots of Wiccan Witches, though I am not a Wiccan myself, they come in all different ages, types, genders, and races, though most are Caucasian, I have met a few who are people of color.
    I happen to like most of them too.

  10. I think the same thing I think about any other religious sect: they are overwhelmed by their feelings that life is out of their control, so they are deeply involved in a fantasy that makes them feel like they can influence events through magical thinking.

  11. Black clothes
    15 years old
    Emo type, scene type.
    This is from my own experience. A lot of kids here are claiming to be Wiccans without know what it is.
    I think smoking, drinking, and/or drugs contradict with Wicca.

  12. People have NO idea that I am a Witch, when they first meet me on the street. I wear a pentacle ring and most of the time a 7 pointed “Fairy Star” which is not normally associated with Witches. I appear as a clean cut average man in my late 50’s, wear Jeans and a cotton button down shirt and plain old tennis shoes or Moccasins (depending on the time of year). There is absolutely no outward sign of my beliefs or Religion which the average person would be aware of. Yes, a fellow Witch may see and recognize the pendant for what it is and symbolizes, but, the typical person on the street might assume that I am Jewish just as readily as anything else.
    And to the JERK who said that we “consult with Demons”, In almost 40 years of BEING a WITCH, I have NEVER not even ONCE so much as acknowledged a demon, let alone consulted one. I wouldn’t even know how to BEGIN to consult one. Does one find Demons in the Yellow pages and set up an appointment? Heck I don’t even consult with my GOD and GODDESS! I share my time with them, I may even make a small offering to the Earthin their name, but consult? Not really. Witchcraft teaches me to be as self-sufficient as I possibly can and NOT depend on a Divine babysitter to take me by the hand and walk me thorugh the world in perfect safety. Some of you have a very ignorant approach to others who are not like yourself. Is THAT how yo bring people to know and love your God? You insult them and accuse them of being wicked and evil people? No wonder your Religion is shrinking in membership, you have NO idea how to properly market yourselves. If WAl*Mart did its PR in that manner, they would have NO customers at all.
    Brightrest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch

  13. I agree with the Green witch.
    You wouldn’t know I was a witch till I told you. What comes to mind? Not all Wiccans are Witches (even though I thought they are the same thing…) and not all witches are Wiccan.

  14. hmm let me think:
    The first thing that comes to mind is an image of a 25 year old woman wearing blue jeans, and a mint coloured strappy top and a very small silver pentacle necklace. She has pale skin, blue eyes and waist length black hair. She goes to work and is currently studying for a decent career;pays her bills, does the grocery shopping, goes out for the odd drink and sees her friends and familly when she can.Basically an average everyday person.
    the second thing that comes to mind- is this question is very shallow and steriotypical. My point here: dont judge people based on their beliefs!. I know many male and female pagans, druids, wicans, witches etc etc and at least half you wouldnt have a clue they were till they told you! they vary in ages from 2 years to over 80 and everyting in the middle. they all come from different regions and walks of life, and have very different tastes in life including the usual things likeclothing, music etc etc. they are good people and all very clude up and in control of their own lives in the normal sense of careers, familly etc etc.
    The media and peoples own narrow minded views ( many i have seen on here alone!) are quite wrong most of the time-its not all like the craft and charmed you know.
    not all wiccans practice witchcraft either one is a practice the other is a religion. they dont beleive in hell mostly or satan which are both christian created and satan is believed to be a demonification of a pagan nature god.

  15. Please fundamentalists who blurt out things with out prior knowledge WE DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR LUCIFER.
    I look like any other ordinary person ,I do wear a pentacle and a pair of Isis wings, on a necklace. I wear dark colors often , but not exclusively.
    I am very GREEN minded,I love dancing in my back yard at night sky-clad. My worship is private. I don’t attract attention to my beliefs because of the people who would wish a person as myself evil.
    I practice the golden rule,and cause harm to none. My worship is not too much different than a Christian in that I light candles and pray. I pray for the health of someone, I send warm energy to friends.

  16. awesome, I bet we have a lot in common!
    how do they look?–normal, not dressed in black w/ black lipstick-only wannabe goths dress that way.
    age? –any age. in my Circle we have a 15 month old, 4 1/2 yr old (both mine) and a 10 yr old as the youngest. our oldest members are in their 50’s.
    gender? both
    automatically comes to mind? peaceful, nature-respecting, kind person. incidentally, while at their house, I never have to ask if they recycle…I know they do.

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