What color to paint nails for winter ball if my dress is royal blue?

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tonight is my schools crystal ball and my dress is a strapless royal blue that goes just above my knees my shoes are black and idk what color to do my nails?!? not a french manicure ccause im doing them myself! feeedback is MUCH appreciated!

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Princess G

Why not black?Or maybe try and get the same colour as your dress if possible. Hope you have a great night:)


Maybe silver or a neutral shimmery colour?


Same blue as your dress


Black nail polish would look good.
It would look really good if you had red shoes and a red clutch/handbag and painted your nails red


PINK!!! light pink, medium pink, any pink color would look great!! Pink and blue always go together.

ツ chess for olypmpic sport



silver =)

Kate M

If you want a striking contrast then go for a deep red (which I think would look good). But if not I would choose either a more neutral colour or keep it simple and go for a clear coat.


Very sheer pale pink or silver, with a bit of a pearl finish. Don’t over do it with glitter. Try Essie brand ‘Pinkadelic’, or similar iridescent color. Just keep it sheer.


Same colour as your dress.

Jessica M

Well as a stylist,
I DONT suggest the following:
-PINK. This is too much of a contrast, and are completely different colour bases. This to me screams out “barbie” fashion diva, which is not the look you want to go for.
-Same colour as your dress. This can be overbearing and draw unnecessary attention to your hands, especially if you have like lighter skin
-BLACK. Do not do black. Black Nail polish is definately not the eway to go. It is not elegant but will only create a HUGE contrast.
-RED. TOO much of a contrast- the colours are inconsistent.
If you wanted to do nail polish, I would suggest a silver or a platinum colour. It will blend nicely with your hands and not create a distraction or draw attention away from the dress, your figure and your face.
If you did not want to do nail polish, You can get gloves made of satin or silk at an accessories store, ardenes, claires, etc. which cost 10 dollars. I would do black gloves, since youare doing black shoes.
Thats an option.


it would look amazing.


You have a few choices. You can 1) match the dress color or 2) go with a red with is classic and goes with everything or 3) go with black which will be dramatic, but a little on the dark side or 4) go with silver which will go very well with the blue. Just head to the drugstore and hold up some colors to your fingers. Bring your dress or a small piece of the dress with you if you like and hold the nail colors up to the dress.


what about a shimmery white, try “Lola” nail polish, it’s from collection 2000, I have this color and think it will look nice with your dress.
you can get it from superdrug.

saku æ„›

metallic silver would look nice

Fawn Pulse

Hola, wow I was just binging randomly and found your opinion. I mostly agree! But in general I think there will always the good, the bad and the ugly. Cuz in the end…That’s what makes the world go round… or is it around? Goodnight!

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