Home Discussion Forum What color should I paint my meditation room?

What color should I paint my meditation room?

Green for Harmony
Pink for Joy
Purple for intuition
or deep blue for contemplation…
I just want a mattress, and maybe a bonsai-type plant in a large pot…
What else would you add?


  1. I feel this may be the wrong kind of question.
    Meditation has to do with what goes on between your two ears.
    For this reason, I would suggest you keep it white.

  2. If you did a nice dusty lilac, it might be very soothing. How about adding a statue of the Buddha, or some other figure that has meaning to you? And maybe some candles, just ‘cuz they’re pretty.

  3. Maroon because many ancient sages of India used to wear that color of robe while meditating..it might have some kinda psychological effect idk but i have seen many people doing that. as for other things to add why not put a flower plant inside the room so that you get natural fragrance while meditating it will refresh your mind too


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