What color should i paint my Bedroom according to Feng Shui?

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Does anybody know what color i should paint my new bedroom according to Feng Shui? I’m separating from my husband and i’m a model and actress and i just rented an apartment and i want to make the right choices since i believe in Feng Shui for health, love, fame, prosperity and wealth, thanks a lot.

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Lavendar or burgundy


It depends where your bedroom is located in your house. If you know how to use a compass, stand in the center of your apartment and aim the compass towards the bedroom.
If your bedroom is in the East or Southeast use Wood Colors Green, Olive, Light Green, Hunter Green, Chartreuse, Teal
If it is in the North use Water Colors Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Black
If it is in the West or Northwest use Metal Colors White Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze
If it is in the Southwest or Northeast use Earth Colors, Yellow, Tan, Beige, Taupe, Brown, Ochre
If it is in South use Fire Colors, Red, Purple, Orange, Pink, Magenta, Burgundy, Maroon.
Every color can be yin or yang so for a restful sleep use a yin color. Red is a very yang color which may make you restless so pink would be a yin version of red.
Also Peach is great for singles but once you are in a marriage you should repaint.
Since Fame is very important for model/actress make sure you have a lovely picture of yourself in the South part of your home. A red frame would be ideal.
Try to not keep to many items containing old energies from your husband unless your trying to work it out. It keeps new energy and new loves from entering your life.
All the Best Chi for your new apartment.


Light Colors


the problem here is the size of the space you are willing to apply fengshui to. beside that it is too small to matter, it can also be ineffective, because you are living in the whole house, not just the bedroom.
fengshui is more than the colors inside the bedroom. the most important thing in fengshui is the exact degree/ direction where your main door (of your house) faces, because this dictates your fortune. when you know this, then the next action is to know what remedy you can do to maximize its good effect. that is fengshui.
fengshui is knowing where the good chi is, then facing that direction to optimize your life. in this case, you like to face the whole house by your main door, not just your bedroom. fengshui is NOT painting a bedroom red and you will attract a loving person into your life. if this is the case, then the world will have red bedrooms and we would not have any single people out there!


The golden rule for Feng shui bedroom colors is to avoid loud and overpowering colors. Violets, lavenders, yellows, blues, whites and grays can contribute towards making your bedroom soothing and restful. Since sleeping is a yin activity, the feng shui bedroom colors must not be stimulating so as to prevent peace and rest. Sharp angles and geometric shapes can also be avoided in the bedroom. Let the bedroom be bathed in a color palette that is too hot or too cold. A warm soothing atmosphere can be created with the right blend of colors, lighting and furnishings.


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