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what Color is your aura and have you ever had a aura photo taken?


  1. my moms friend who knows about those things told my mom that my aura is blue. and my sister has a yellow aura..i think.. and no i have never had a photo taken of it.

  2. your aura is a constantly changing energy field. It doesnt stay the same continually. Your aura is made up of energy that you put off…if your sad, your aura will show it, if your sick, your aura will show it….and yes, i have had mine photographed and it was mostly white (spiritually motivated, combination of all colors=white) with blue on the edges ( calmness)

  3. I’ve never had an aural photo taken, but I’ve been told on many seperate occasions that my aura is usually green, indicating that I am a natural healer (which is true). It isn’t that color all the time as auras change depending on what state you’re in, but it stays green for the most part.


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