what color heals which symptom?

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im giving a speech on the Bio chakra color medicine/Danishah color medicine.. and I cant find what each color heals what :S

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Anon M

Colours dont heal people, real doctors do. You’ve been taken for a ride i’m afraid.

Doxie W

Red is for the lower parts of your body, orange for abdominal region, yellow around the bellybutton, green for the hart region, blue for the neck and lower part of the jaw, purple for the upper part of the head, and all over the body u Can use opal.


Each colour is related to a different part of your body and represents a chakra. A chakra is a center of energy, of spinnning energy and represents specific organs of our body.
e.g.Some people feel uncomfortable wearing a certain colour because the body part associated with this particular colour is very active and they do not need more of this colour. In short :
-Top of the head (Crown chakra) : violet, gold & white; pineal gland, upper skull, skin & cortex.
-Above and between the eyebrows (Third Eye = Front chakra) : indigo; pituitary gland, base of skull & eyes.
-throat, at base of the neck (Throat Chakra) : blue; thyroid, ears/mouth/throat/
-Heart, center of chest (Heart Chakra) : green/pink; thymus,lungs, chest, heart & blood circulation.
-Between navel & base of sternum (Solar Plexus chakra) : yellow; pancreas, muscles & digestive system.
-Lower abdomen, between navel & genitals (Sacral Chackra) : orange; testes, ovaries, womb ( reproductive organs), bladder, prostate. In Chinese medicine, kidneys are part of the reproductive system too.
-between anus & genitals (Root Chakra) : red; adrenal glands, bones.
This means that each colour has to be used for (a) specific part(s) of the body and the sickness related to it.


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