what color for paint on your wall matches with rose quartz tones in countertops?

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horse rider for ever <3

sherwin williams has a great tool to help you choose colors
hope it helps.


Nice color for your countertops! 🙂 I Likes.
I always liked white or eggshell on the walls.
It goes with everything, and it’s easy to keep clean or quickie spot paint.


thats a beautiful color. it’s completely up to you and what kind of colors you like. you could stick with that color pattern (roses, mauves) myself I would probably paint my walls a light green color to bring out the countertops a little more. then there’s the old standby white or off white off course. I suppose if you really wanted to you could use a brown too but it would definitely darken the room a little bit. There’s lots of possibilities!


it depends what look you’re going for……….
~ pastels like the pink, maybe a pale green, this might be better included in accessories though
~ pale orange – just not terracotta!!
~ electric blue with bright red accents


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