What colleges offer degrees in paranormal studies or parapsychology?

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China Man

I hoping this answer helping you…
Seek opportunities to participate in training offered by established groups. The North Atlantic Paranormal Society better known as TAPS offers training in paranormal techniques and investigative procedures. If they do not offer training in your area, contact your local paranormal society to find training near you.


None of them. A few in Europe used to, but they don’t anymore. That’s because parapsychologists never found anything to study. As soon as you apply the scientific method to the paranormal, it disappears – it was never there to begin with. Nothing paranormal has ever been shown to exist. Trust me, if it ever is, scientists will be all over it and you’ll be able to get a degree studying it. There are so many scientists you can’t pick anything in the world to study that no one else has already written books on. If there were a whole new field of science out there, no one would be ignoring it.

Beverly Love

The American Institute of Holistic Theology offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and ThD degrees in Alternate Spiritual Traditions that allows students to study Paranormal phenomena. http://www.aiht.edu.


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