What chance do those have for Moksha or Enlightenment that deny the Goddess, the Spirit, Kundalini Shakti?







  1. I think, they have equal chances for enlightenment,
    it is well known that Buddha and Mahavira never talked about kundalini Shakti.
    I believe, the number of ways that lead to moksha or enlightenment are unlimited.

  2. the answer is so simply…..
    knowledge is always an obstacle for enlightenment. no matter whether you accept the term god or not.
    in both the case you are just conscious of the conceptual aspect.
    knowledge is bondage and moksha is freedom.
    i can even kill the God for becoming enlightened. i can even kill the buddha for ending my sufferings.lol
    you said once, where ever there is awareness consciousness arises.
    but where ever there is consciousness unawareness also arises.

  3. In many forms of Hinduism one can be henotheist( one god to be soley devoted to) and use any god as a representation of All Reality, God
    A Goddess( whether Kali or Parvati or Mahadevi or any other)can be such

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