What chakra is associated with inspiration?

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Any site other than wikipedia, would be helpful. preferably.edu is preferred.

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blue/ intellect chakra between neck and eyebrows, or so I think… I could be wrong tho…
Aha!! I found it… (I was right…. LOL!)
“…G and G# are associated with the throat chakra. Located at the middle of the throat, the color of this chakra is sky blue. Issues are related to communication. Sense is hearing. Disharmony of this chakra manifests as thyroid, flu, respiratory problems, withdrawal, hyperventilation, selfishness, possessiveness, fevers, throat infections, and rheumatism. Emotions associated with this chakra include inspiration and repression. The function is creativity and expression and the symbol is a chalice. The endocrine influence is on the thyroid gland. Associated with the element of air and the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius and the planet is Mercury. All blue gemstones are related to this chakra. Essential oils are sandalwood and lavender. Quality is religious inspiration. Vowel sound of I. Continue scrolling or return to diagram.”


The chakra she is refering to relates to communication. Inspiration is the brow charka – third eye and the crown chakra.


Depends what type of inspiration?
Traditionally the Brow & Crown, but the Sacrel is connected to creativity & all will add to inspired thought in one way or another.


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