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what causes your eyes to rollback into your head? Can I be having seizures?Sometimes I lose consciousness?

After these events I have no memory of what happened, only what others have told me.


  1. These are probably silly suggestions but they work for me:
    – Drink lots of water to keep things working nicely in your body
    – Sleep on your side rather than your back
    – Try to avoid sweets
    – Try to sleep at least 7 hours each night, and don’t fluctuate the hours that you sleep
    I sometimes suffer from sleep paralysis, which is a strange kind of seizure that happens only at night-time.
    I have been living healthier and following these guidelines and the night-time seizures have seemed to stop. However yours are during the day. I hope my recommendations help.

  2. Yes, you are having seizures. You need to make an appointment with a neurologist and take along a diary of all of them that you have had so far. If you can try to bring in the dates, the times, what your friends or family have told you happened. Also what the surroundings were at the time – noisy, regular, tv at home, reading, school, whatever.
    Good luck to you on this. There is something causing them so best of luck.

  3. It’s clonic phase seizure attack I been dealing with epilepsy most of my life.A week ago my grand mal have stared back and now I’m having clonic seizures where my eye’s well roll back.I agree with top 3 people get to ur doctor and set up a eeg test there painless and can tell about about ur brain waves.I hope u get the help u need.

  4. my dad has had a stroke bout 3 yrs now ago, some tia’s since. I watch him sitting in his chair sleeping or when he is lying down, his eyes will be rolled back and some times rolled to the side. half opened. mostly rolled up. I was wondering are these warning signs for me to watch out for? for something to happen again?

  5. My eyes roll all the way back to my head at random moments than I get a painful headache ,tiredness,blurry vision and end up feeling sick I’m 14 I have seen a doctor and everything was normal they have no clue what it is ..yes I had a mri ,eeg idk if they are missing something but any help?


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