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What causes permanent visual snow / persistent migraine aura?

Hi – does anyone know what causes permanent visual snow? I’ve had it for 2 years and no-one in the medical profession knows what to do with me! It affects all areas of my life…..is there a cure / treatment that is working for anyone?


  1. I had the same lasting for 2 years. I decided to go to a different neurologist . She looked over at the different mri’s i had had and order a new one. She noticed my pituitary had enlarged overtime. Could put pressure on the optical nerve causing the visual changes and the migraines. I would keep getting tested. Better to have 3 so called “negative” mri that chart the progression of whatever is going on 1`so that one day it is obvious enough so it can be treated.

  2. I have it too. Nothing found yet. Most of us who have find the one connection we have is a hole in our heart called a PFO. You may want to get that checked out.

  3. I have had PMA CONSTATLY for 13 years and have tried ALL suggeted treatments except recently someone suggested short round of prednisone, which I will discuss with neurologist. My best advice is to go on with as normal a life as possible and don’t waste precious time fixating on this and going all over the country searching for a cure. It is so rare and so ittle is known that there is no cure – unless the prednisone helps.

  4. cheryl… how have you coped? can you get used to this? even if it is severe? I’ don’t know what to do anymore… do you think anxiety plays a good role in making it worse?

  5. I’ve had a persistent aura without migraine for nine months now. I’ve been given just about every test out there, all which came back normal. I’m being tested for the PFO next. I’m at the point where I’ve just become used to it and it doesn’t bother me as much as it did the first few months. The medications I was put on did nothing but space me out and interfere with my daily activities.

  6. That’s a sign your very enlightened and your third eye is close to opening, allowing you to perceive things that those with a closed mind cannot, you could be seeing energy. Research chakras, body energy, third eye, rising cundalini ( not sure if that’s spelled right ) and visit alex greys(the artist) website. You are evolving, to a higher level of consciousness and being. Congratulations.

  7. Hey i’ve had this snow since i was 6, i thought it was normal until i was around 16,(im 20), i;ve been researching it for the past couple days.. i’ve been living with it since my memories started forming so i’m pretty much use to it. Theres no reasons for it but as of late i just realize they help me see auras , starting to think its just a gift lol.. ps im a future neurologist

  8. Hello, i am from Malaysia, i have snow vision ( i can see during day or night or even i close my eyes), floater eye, sparkler light & sometimes i can see flashing light at corner of my eyes since i was child. Now i am 27 years old, that still disturbing my vision. I hope there is a cure for this..

  9. hello, i’m from China but now in Japan. i haved snow vision since 9years old. one night after suddenly caused the vision snow. but fewdays after i’ve got the chickenpox. is it strange? i wanna know that what’s the contact with them.

  10. I think your right about the third eye honestly I have ad this since I could remember I’m currently 22 and I don’t believe anxiety plays a part since I have always been a calm free caring guy I think it would be nice to meet other people like my self my emails *@gmail.com

  11. i got my visual snow from sleep paralysis. i stepped inside a black entity and felt it go inside me. since then i have visual snow and see auric fields around people.
    i dont want a cure i love my gift.


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