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What causes my itchy skin rash? How do I find out for sure?

I dont know what is causing my rash and docters arent that helpful! I get it mostly where I sweat on my arms, neck, between fingers, feet… It is itchy and red. It can be bad at night but bad all day too. It develops into blisters. I never used to get b4 age 30. Is it excema? I take epilepsy medication (lamortigine) so I thought it might be that, but the rash comes and goes. I have been really stressed at work, so I thought it might be that, or a reaction to herbal supplimentsI take sometimes like gotu-kola. I am also wandering if it is a food allergy, so I have been trying to watch what I eat. Could I just have lots of toxins in my body that need to come out or an blocked lymphatic system? I had an opperation where they cut out all sorts of sweat glands when I was younger because of over secretion of sweat, which I am convinced was really bad for me. I really dont want to just use medication that treats the symptoms but the cause!

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  1. Eczema–A Skin Problem
    American Family Physician, Sept 15, 1999
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    Eczema (also called “atopic dermatitis”) is a skin disease. (Say the word this way: ex-em-ah.) Eczema causes dry skin that can itch, get red and crack. Part of the skin might break out in a rash, or the rash might be on the whole body.
    In adults, eczema usually develops on the insides of the elbows, the backs of the knees, the hands and the backs of the elbows. In young children, the rash is most often on the face.
    Eczema is most common in people whose relatives have allergic conditions like asthma or hay fever. Up to 10 percent of children get eczema.
    What causes eczema?
    The exact cause of eczema isn’t known. It may be caused or made worse by these things:
    * Soaps, laundry detergents and perfumes. Scratchy clothes (like wool) can also irritate the skin.
    * Allergens like pollens, pet hair or dander (dried bits of skin), food, feathers and dust mites. (Dust mites are very tiny, spider-like creatures. They make their homes in mattresses, pillows and rugs. They can only be seen under a microscope.)

  2. sounds like psorisis, is it white and flakey after the blisters have popped? try Oilatum, you can get this from any chemist, I use the oilatum plus which is used in the bath. Psorsis is sometimes stress related, I get it at times of stress. I get it on hands between the fingers and on top of the hand, my feet, elbows inside and out, the itchyness drives me crazy. With me it can take over my life as it looks really bad and in winter I get it on my chest as I have to wear more clothing. I feel when I have it, I have to cover it as it looks so bad, my GP told me at first it was exczema and I told him it was not as I get excezma any way, the then told me it was dermititous and yet again I knew it was not, as I had had this in the past when I worked with chemicals. I asked a friend of mine what it was as she was a nurse, straight away she told me it was prosisis and told me to tell me GP to scrape it and see if the skin flakes were silver and he did and it was, did he say sorry, no he did not! At least after 3 appointments I found out what it was.
    Mine gets better when I sun bathe and expose it to the air as much as possible.
    The only washing power I can use is Bold and the only washing up liquid I can use is Persil. If you get it in your hair try oilatum shampoo, you can get this on prescription as it is over £8. I always can get way with using Original Source hair products only.

  3. I have a friend that is allergic to his own sweat, it could be that, also…Work with a dermatologist to find the cause…Md’s don’t know as much…
    I, myself have eczema…I use clobetasol for my flareups…And stress is the number one cause of it…With that med. I usually clear up within a day or two…Check that one out…

  4. Cound be lots of things, dishydrotic eczema (dry skin) tinea (fungus) it is probably not psoriasis as that will manifest itself as sliverly plaque-like lesions. I would try moisturizers like Nivea, Keri-lotion, etc. Try some over the counter Lamisil or clotrimazole cream in case it is a fungus. Try these and if they don’t work (you need to try them for a few weeks) then go to a dermatologist. The blisters make me think it is dishydrotic eczema. so try the moisturizers first.

  5. Sounds like it could be anything from nappy rash to stress eczema. i’d come off everything except your epilepsy meds and if symptoms still persist go and see a gp and get referred to a dermatologist. Try cutting out dairy/wheat/processed foods and see if it eases in the meantime.

  6. Sounds very similar to what I get, which is contact dermatitis. I’m sure I get it from my own sweat, but my doctor just laughs at that suggestion, I’m still sure I’m right though.

  7. To get to the root of the problem, please see a naturopath. You can check with your local health food store to see if there is one they recommend. If not, you can check the site below to see if there is one near you. I have worked with their graduates and found them to be knowledgeable, caring individuals. Please email me with any questions.

  8. Could it be hailey hailey. my sister has been suffering with it for years sometimes steroids help. I believe a skin test needs to be done for proper diagnosis.


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