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What causes a chakra to wobble?

During a recent reiki session, I was told that one of my chakras is “wobbling”. What would cause this?


  1. Chakras spin either clockwise or counter clockwise. Like anything that spins, if it is spinning with good speed, it is level, like a child’s toy “top”. When that top slows down, it begins to wobble, and then eventually falls over. In relation to your chakra, the energy flow is slowing or stagnant, thus a wobbling chakra. You need to pay attention to the areas of the body, both physical and mental, even spiritual, to get your chakra back to spinning properly.
    However, as a Reiki healer, I would have taken care of that issue right then and there for you. As a patient, you should always ask questions about what your healer means, whether she is a medical doctor or a holistic practioneer. It is up to you to ask and demand answers.

  2. Reiki teachings have nothing to do with chakras so the first thing to determine is if the practitioner knows what they are talking about. If there was a “wobble” in your energy system it could be caused by stress, illness, or injury. The energy therapy practitioner would be able to assist in correcting that abnormality and hopefully prevent outward manifestations of illness. If, however, you experience physical symptoms of illness remember to see a doctor right away as complimentary treatments such as Reiki should work with and not replace scientific medicine.

  3. Reiki practitioners will obviously tell their patients any nonsense. Good for you in questioning this. The skeptic inside you is trying to get out. Do not give this quack any more of your money.

  4. The Chakra wobbling is not a true statement. Your Reiki person must have misunderstood her teaching.
    Chakras word is from India and are an analogy for centers of energy in the body and generally associated with a ganglia of nerves.
    A person can detect energy disturbances – Byosen- by the sensations they feel in their hands but it doesn’t indicate a diagnoise of any kind. Its more of a disruption in the Human Energy Field (NIH)


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